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Export Route, not just Stops
Export Route, not just Stops

I downloaded the trial version of Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010, and then thought I was sending a route to my Garmin 465T but it only sent the waypoints/favorites. I was sending via the USB cable and yes, I did select the second option of sending the route. So, looks like I will continue to use GPSBabel since it works correctly and sends the route. Ideas?
Ken in Regina
No useful ideas for S&T 2010. Adding the GPX export was a really good first step. But there's no way to get it to export a route. It only exports the start and end points and any "stops" you've included, but not the full route data.

The good thing is that it saves you from having to manually enter the waypoints into your Nuvi. But you still have to have the Nuvi recalculate the route for it to be useful. And you may not get the same route because Garmin's routing algorithms are a wee bit different than Microsoft's.

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