What is the best GPS Hardware Unit for a laptop
Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a laptop 13 inch screen, and I want to turn it into a GPS.

What is the best hardware unit for a laptop and possibly if you can help software too. I am looking to spend around 100 dollars, unless there is something super good then I'll see if it is worth it.

I have used Microsoft Streets and Trips, and I had a PocketPC GPS, but it was so old that it was missing 1/4 of my city so I would be driving and it would track on blank screen.

Any ideas would be helpful. I had a few problems with MapQuest not leading me to my destination.
Either Microsoft Streets & Trips or Garmin Mobile PC should meet your needs. Either can be purchased with a USB GPS and both use the same Navteq mapping data. S&T has the advantage of a free trial version and great planning features. Mobile PC provides a better navigational display, similar to their Nuvi.

Check out the forums on these and other packages such as iGuidance to see what you think will best meet your requiremnets.

hey, thanks for the help.

i was looking at earthmate but i am not sure how good it is.

what is better USB or bluetooth?
my laptop has bluetooth but it douse not work all the time for some reason.

Microsoft streets and trips i looked into it and did not like the way it looked, plus i don't have vista, i am still a fan of xp.

Garmin Mobile PC looks good, but i could not find all the features it got on there website, is there a list of all the features it got?

iGuidance looks very cool to have, is there anything better? it even has car finder.

thanks for the help, i really appreciate it.
The Delorme Earthmate GPS receivers are best used with Delorme products such as Street Atlas 2010. It is feature rich but sports a non-standard interface.

Microsoft Streets & Trips is an excellent trip planning program and its navigation features are improving. It works fine with Windows XP.

Garmin Mobile PC is a great navigation program with a modern display. Trip planning is not as strong as S&T. Look at the forum for more information or ask about the features that interest you.

iNav iGuidance is another program with an excellent display but weak trip planning skills. I prefer Mobile PC but I am biased.

Spend more time studying the forums. Download a trial of S&T 2010. Decide what you want and see who offers it. You have to start somewhere.

I prefer Bluetooth because of its flexibility of placement and less wiring. However USB GPS devices such as the BU-353 are good and reliable and don't need to be recharged.

hey, i was woundering will they make a newer version to there 2009 version, like 2010?
and douse that software reroute? something i need.

i want a good interface,
not to bulky on the laptop,
good maps with updates if possible
being able to reroute if i take the wrong street
Whose 2009 version are you referring to? Mobile PC and S&T have already moved on. I think iGuidance might later this year. All these programs can reroute you if you take a wrong turn.

sorry for the confusion, i kinda wrote the post fast.
yes i was talking about iGuidance i seem to like it, more based from the pictures i saw on this website. The arrows are small and it's got a lot of features the 2009 one, i wounder what new will 2010 one bring, should i wait or not?
can a GPS be used to avoid traffic?

sorry for sounding like a noob at this, but i one had one GPS in my life and it was a really small pocket pc and i loved it, well until it started showing blank screen and it was tracking because it did not have all the maps.

Thank you very much tcassidy for your help. Are you the one one who ever replys?
Ken in Regina
Terry isn't the only one who gives answers. But he gives good answers so sometimes there's nothing else that needs to be said. If you have more specific and detailed questions there may be others who will toss in answers.

The Navteq based maps in these 3 products are excellent and generally updated at least once a year. I don't know if iNav has announced any information on when and what they might upgrade this year. Most PC navigation software is just upgraded as a total package each year; new maps and an improved interface.

The version of Mobile PC including a GPS might be considered the exception. Garmin, late to the PC market doesn't seem to have decided whether to offer a new product each year. However,they do offer map upgrades on a regular basis (at a cost, of course).

None of the PC products provide traffic avoidance directly. Some will work with TMC receivers to provide this information in select areas. I think Mobile PC can do that right now but iGuidance never could and S&T doesn't offer the service anymore. This feature seems more popular for the dedicated devices such as certain models of the Garmin Nuvi.

There are quite a few knowledgable people on this forum. I just happened to be the first who chimed in. If I miss something, others will help.

Marvin Hlavac
I read a rumor somewhere that iNav was expecting to release a new version of iGuidance in the spring of 2010. I do not know how accurate that piece of information is. I've heard nothing official, yet.
Dave Doom
Hello all,
Don't mean to hijack thread but I am in need of info on Bluetooth hardware that will work with netbook XP OS.

Seems this thread had a turn too the dark side of sofware and not much was said about the hardware products. I will me using MS S/T 2010.

Please give me a direction to go as will be purchasing a bluetooth gps in the near future.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Dave,

:welcome: to Laptop GPS World.

GPS receivers based on SirfStarIII and MTK2 chips perform very well, and most current units do contain these chips. Other than that make your decision based on features that may be important to you, such as battery life, or if the Bluetooth GPS receiver has an automatic on/off (such feature may save you from accidentally discharging the battery in case you forget to turn the unit off when not in use).
If your netbook has built in Bluetooth, S&T will work with virtually any Bluetooth dongle. We like the iTrek M7 but it doesn't seem to be available any more. The qStarz BT818 looks like about the same size and similar chipset so should be an excellent unit.

A few of the older Bluetooth GPS units designed for PDAs don't go below 9600bps. They would not be suitable for S&T which requires 4800 bps. If the unit you buy is capable of faster refresh times, make sure you set it to 1 Hz to prevent update problems with S&T.

If your netbook does not have Bluetooth built in, you will also need a USB BT dongle. They are quite inexpensive these days and most use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack.

Ken in Regina
What Terry said is right on the money.

If you don't understand some of what Terry said, please don't be afraid to ask.

Dave Doom
Thanks for the warm welcome and the info.
My netbook is the Asus Eee PC s101 and has bluetooth enabled.

What the BEST Bluetooth GPS unit you would use?
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