DeLorme LT-40 vs GlobalSat BU-353
First, I'm really excited I've found this web page. Super info. I have had various software packages (Delorme SA 2008, Fugawi) and hardware configs over the years and love playing with them when traveling. I run mostly on my older laptop. Here is my dilemma. I just bought a new HP Mini 110 netbook. I already have a Delorme LT-20 and SA2008 but have not installed. Frankly the LT-20 sucks and I use an old Magellan 315 handheld connected to my laptop via USB converter cable most of the time. Obviously this creates a cabling mess in the cab of my pickup and is a PITA. I have been pondering getting Street Atlas 2010 with a new LT-40 GPS receiver to put on the netbook. Supposedly the LT-40 works way better. Ooooooor, do I just keep the SA2008 and buy a GlobalSat Bu353? Can't do both right now Anyways hope to participate on here whenever I can and share some of my experiences. Howdy!!!
Scrounged around in some of the other sections and pretty much got what I was looking for. Sounds like the chip set in the LT-40 is way better now. Decided to order a copy of SA2010 with the LT-40. See what happens.
Ken in Regina
Hi AD18,

Glad you found the forum and found what you needed. Please be sure to keep us posted on what you think about the LT-40 and SA2010.

Just installed the LT-40 w/SA2011. I hope I haven't purchased the wrong stuff. I've read posts (from 2009 and 2010) that seem to indicate that the LT-40 doesn't last long. Should I have purchased the BU-353, instead?

Btw, really glad I found this site!
Ken in Regina
Welcome to the site. There are lots of folks with LT-40s that they've had for years and they are still working. I have both an LT-40 and a BU-353. I prefer the BU-353 because it gets better satellite reception and it has a magnetic base so I can stick it on the roof in those rare situations where I need the maximum view of the sky to get any reception at all.

I recommend you just go ahead and use the LT-40 until you find some reason you want something different. Depending on your situation you may find it serves you very well, just as it has thousands of others.

Never let "Better" get in the way of "Good enough".

BU-353 and have had no issues.
Marvin Hlavac
The following link will bring you to a topic with a lot of user feedback on the BU353: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/4800-globalsat-bu-353-usb-gps-receiver
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