EMS organization looking for suitable PC GPS software
Our EMS organization has recently purchased ruggedized DLI 8300 computers for our ambulances. These units have integrated GPS functionality, touch screens, and are running XP Tablet OS. I'm looking for suggestions/recommendations for some GPS Navigation software.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!!!
Ken in Regina
Have you looked at the currently available personal navigation devices (PND) like the Garmin Nuvi models or TomToms or Magellans?

I ask this not because I want to change your minds but to determine whether you have any idea of how they work. This would help greatly in finding out what your expectations are for how a nav program on your tablets should work.

For instance, if a Garmin Nuvi or a TomTom is just what you are looking for, you have a couple of choices to look at: Garmin Mobile PC and iNav iGuidance. You can read about both of them in the related forums on here.

That's not a recommendation. It's simply an illustration of why it would be helpful to know what your expectations are ... what exposure you might already have to something similar and how you feel about it (pluses, minuses).

What extra or special features are you looking for?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi jaxoli, and welcome to Laptop GPS World. You may also read the following discussion: I think pretty much any PC mapping software could be used for the purpose. Some may be easier to learn than others, though. About