POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
Points of Interest
  • POI Mega File for Microsoft Streets and Trips (North America)
    220 POI categories (pushpin collections) in a single Streets and Trips file
  • POI Mega File for Microsoft AutoRoute (Europe)
    97 POI categories (pushpin collections) in a single AutoRoute file
Larry has been very kind to put together these files containing many thousands of POI (points of interest). Feel free to download and use the file(s). Credits also go to DiscoveryOwners, SteveJonesMO, SpadesFlush (Phil), iRV2DriVer, Tom Bernardi, Tom @ USCAmpgrounds.info, and many others who willingly contributed to this huge collection.
  • Download either the compressed .zip file (downloads faster), or the uncompressed .stt or .axe file (doesn't require un-zip. This is the version to download, if you don't know what 'ZIP' is.)
  • Europeans download the AutoRoute2010 file, North Americans download the Streets201x file
  • Note the file version. For example, POI Megafile 2013 only works with Streets & Trips 2013.
Can this somehow be used with Streets & Trips 2009?

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Pegleg. The file itself is not openable in an older version. You could import one-by-one all of the POI collections from DiscoveryOwners.com (and/or other POI sources) into any older version of S&T, but having so many pushpins displayed on the map would slow down S&T quite a lot. This should no longer be an issue in Streets & Trips version 2010 (and newer) thanks to the new pushpin management features.
Just downloaded and installed it. I really like having all the POIs available to turn on and off.
Thanks for doing this.
I love this file. Deleting any pushpin sets you don't need just takes a minute and is much easier than importing all the ones you want.

Once you have it how you like it you can save the modified est to your desktop or other location and double click on it as a way to open S&T using this file each time.

Another way is to saving it as a "New North American Map.stt". That way you'll get this map even when you launch S&T from the start menu.

Here is a blog post on How to Customize the Default Map Template for details on how this can be done.
Pegleg said:
Can this somehow be used with 2009
I have used the pushpin functionnality a lot in the 2009 version. Because of the feature limitation (you can not control which pushpin set easily that will be visible on the map), it is almost unpraticable to do the same things in the 2009 version. What i have done before is to have a few pushpin sets in a master .est file and then when i open it, i delete the unneeded pushpin sets to see what i want to see on the map. Possible but very annoying. Forget about having 200 pushpin sets in the 2009 version, it will fill the map completly and you will see nothing on the map. Theorically feasable, but practically unusable...

If this functionnality is important to you, the 2010 version is a must to achieve this possibility. ..
The S&T 2010 Mega POI file has been updated for November! It now contains 209 pushpin sets (on top of what Microsoft provides).

What's new?
  • Clearance 12' 4" Low Clearance - updated
  • Clearance 12' 6" Low Clearance - updated
  • Clearance 12' 9" Low Clearance - updated
  • Clearance 13' 2" Low Clearance - updated
  • Resorts of Distinction - updated
  • Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Campgrounds - newly added
  • SKI resorts/locations - updated
Marvin has updated the zipped est file at the top of the this thread and its ready for downloading.
Tom Bernardi
Looking at the pushpin sets in this file - they seem to be in alphabetical order - how do you do this?
Hi Tom,

Prior to the S&T 2010 release order didn't matter since there was no way to hide pushpin sets. After importing 3 or 4 your map would be very cluttered.

Now that we have the show/hide feature and there is a likely a need for sorting. Currently, the order that the pushpin sets are displayed is the order that they were imported. First at the bottom - Last at the top.

As of now you cannot change this order

If you want any set of collections together one thing you could do is delete the sets (the ones you want together) then re-import them in the reverse order you want them to appear. They'll show up on the top of the list - together. You can grab the original source files from here. Choose "Text only" from the dropdown.
Tom Bernardi
Thanks Larry - that's what I thought first loaded, last on the list. I will put it on my wishlist for 2011!
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
S&T Team made a short video clip showing this "mega" file running in S&T 2010:
Somehow, I missed this YouTube video before today. It is very, very droll; congrats S&T team. You really captured the old BBC-1 style and I am hoping you will do an AutoRoute version.
Originally Posted by Marvin Hlavac
...Streets and Trips 2010 has new features for easy pushpin management, such as Show/Hide Pushpins, and Show/Hide Info Balloons. Working with POIs has never been easier.
That discovery file is great. I have also found poi-factory.com to be a fantastic, easy to use and very up-to-date source of a massive variety of categorized POI data. It would be easy for someone to peruse it and make a custom template S&T file to fit their needs.

They have several thousand lists though, so it wouldn't be practical to combine them all into one .est file.

As an aside, I have put my ridetoeat.com list of restaurants into 2010 and 2007 files interested persons can find at Downloads | Ride To Eat.
Originally Posted by SpadesFlush
http://ridetoeat.com/rte/downloads/ works better...

Originally Posted by SteveJonesMO

Wow, not only was that link broken, once you got to the page the links to the files on IT were broken too.

Sigh. It's all fixed now.
The MS S&T Megafile is updated often, so be sure to check MAP OVERLAYS regularly. Also, you can join the Yahoo Group escapeeboondockers to get notices when updates are made. Notices are sent out as Special Notices, and you can choose to only receive Special Notices if you wish.

Also, I would like to publicly thank Larry for all the help that he provided to make the Megafile possible, and also with the Access programming.

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