POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
How do we reconcile POI-Factory's Terms and Conditions with contributions to the POI Mega File?

Those T&Cs state: "The content and services on web site are provided for your personal, non-commercial use only. You may not use content or services from this web site to sell a product or service.
You may load location data obtained from this web site into a GPS navigation system only for your own personal use. You may not otherwise copy or distribute any materials from this web site, including User Submissions. You may not create any derivative works based on materials obtained from this web site.
The copyright in all material provided on this web site is held by POI Factory or by the original creator of the material and is subject to copyright and other intellectual property rights under United States and foreign laws and international conventions. POI Factory reserves all rights not expressly granted to the content on this web site."

The way I read this, one cannot download a POI CSV file, convert it to a Pushpin Set, and contribute it to the POI Mega File as it would be "publishing."

Any thoughts?
It is still used for personal use and as a not for profit purpose, how it is used is up to end user, but CANNOT sell...
SpadesFlush - I'm not a lawyer but I read it the same way. That is why the POI megafile is released without any collections from the POI factory. Any collections that we have in common (ie RidetoEat) come from the creator themselves.

I look forward to the day when everyone shares collected POI data freely. Thankfully, there are a growing number sources for points of interest collections that CAN be freely shared and distributed. The POI-Factory is not yet one of them.

The POI Megafile is a pretty good summary of all the RV/Trucker-related. freely distrubutable collections. It is a free download and I am working on April as I type this.
I take your point Ki4nai, but it may depend on what is meant by "distribution." I certainly am not doing this for profit.
Marvin Hlavac
April Update

Larry writes:

So here is what has changed since the last update:
  1. Camp Club USA updated
  2. Casinos updated locations and more info in the balloons.
  3. Cracker Barrel updated location and more info in the balloons.
  4. Escapees Days End - minor update
  6. Pacific Pride Fuel Stops - BRAND NEW POI COLLECTION
  7. Passport America from Discovery Owners update
  8. All the Public Campgrounds (6 sets) have been updated
  9. RidetoEat - more links to reviews than ever.
  10. Truck Stop Guide - NEW POI COLLECTION
  11. Walmarts with No RV parking update
  12. Walmart (US) update
  13. Walmart Supercenter update
  14. Walmart with Gas update
As always, free download is available to all on page 1 (click here).

P.S. Please note that only the Streets2011 file has been updated. The Streets2010 file is still available for download, but it has not been updated with new POIs.
I have Streets and Trip 2010 and am a new user. I read about the POI Mega File and it sounded great so I downloaded it. Now what? I could find no instructions as to what to do with it. You have to assume there are more dumb people like me, who need help to get started. Can you point me to some instructions?
Dick Skerik
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Dick, welcome to the forum. What would you like to know about the usage of the file?

Sometimes people wonder where to place the file.
  • You can simply place it conveniently on your desktop, or any other folder of your choice. Then just click the file when ever you wish to use it.
  • Or, you could even use it instead of the default Microsoft template, New North American Map.stt, in which case the POI Megafile opens each time you launch Streets & Trips.

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have. There are plenty of users of the Mega file around here willing to help.
I have it somewhat figured out now and will just work with it.
Marvin Hlavac
POI Mega File - May Update for Streets & Trips 2011

Larry writes:

This is an exiting POI Megafile release that I hope all the S&T 2011 users will download and enjoy for free!

What's New?
  • Nascar - a POI Megafile exclusive! Contains all the tracks details and contact info. Created by the Streets & Trips team
  • Fairgrounds - a POI Megafile exclusive! State fairs, County fairs, Rodeos, cheap motorhome parking, corndogs - the reasons for this collection should be pretty obvious. Created by the Streets & Trips team (note: we need your help on this one as it isn't complete - if your favorite fairground isn't included send us the details so we can improve it.
  • Murphy's Fuel Stops - Most locations in this database have been visually verified by aerial imagery. Each location indicates whether or not they have diesel.
Updated Collections:
  • Walmart with Fuel
  • Walmart Supercenter (US)
  • Walmart Supercenter (Canada)
  • Walmart - US
  • Walmart - Canada
  • Walmart - No RV Parking
  • RidetoEat
  • National Parks (improved readability)
Free download on page #1 (click here).
Question, Is this new file only for 2011, have tried to open with 2010 getting a error message. Found my answer, Only for 2011, thus will 2010 files be updated as well.
Marvin Hlavac
Question, Is this new file only for 2011, have tried to open with 2010 getting a error message.
POI Megafiles versions

Yes, the files marked "2011" are the ones updated.

The "2010" files are available for download, but have not been updated.
No updates for 2010 but you can always update to your 2010 file by importing collections from sites like discoveryowners.com.
When I open the May megafile, and go into the "Legend and Overview" section, and then go down the list - to say state parks - if I don't do some action very quickly the highlight bar will jump back to the fist entry at the top of the list.

I have tried deleting some of the entries but it still does the same thing.

I am using a Thinkpad T61 with 4 GB memory and XP - MS S&T 2011.

Is there something else that I need to do to get the highlight bar to stay at the entry that I want for more that a few seconds?

It does not do this on a Win7 64x desktop.

Thanks for updating this. I'm still running 2007 but I have 2010 installed also.

Thanks again.

Is there any way to import the megafile POI May 2011 for Streets and Trips 2011 into a map that I have already created? I have worked very hard on a 25 stop trip from East coast to West and would just like to import the megafile in as a layer or whatever so I could unhide and hide in my main map as necessary?

Thanks for any help with this.

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