POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
I say keep Don Wrights for sure.
Thanks Johnnycb for your input.
Marvin Hlavac
August Update

Originally Posted by Larry
This version contains 220 pushpin sets.
For the first time I removed a handful of collections because their locations were duplicated in other collections or they were 4 or 5 years old and their accuracy was questionable.

  • Escapees Days End Campgrounds (3441 locations in Canada and US)
  • Fairgrounds - 218 locations - special thanks to desertlacer and Brian Robertson for their contributions.
  • In'n'Out Burgers - I love this place and someone said they had expanded their locations so I added them. Collection went from 213 to 263! More details in the balloons too.
  • Resort Parks Int'l (RPI) - 206 locations
  • Ride to Eat - seriously folks - this collection is gold when looking for a place to eat. It contains 1000 reviewed locations from ridetoeat.com
  • Truck Stop Guide for ST - 2216 locations with plenty of balloon info.
  • Walmart - No RV Parking - unfortunately this collection is growing. Currently has 554 locations.
  • Walmarts - US - 763 locations
  • Walmart Supercenters - 2823 locations
  • Walmart with Gas - 929 locations - each showing fuel types in the name.
  • Whole Foods - 274 locations with improved balloon info
  • Remember the file also contains hundreds of extra custom POI pushpin icons to customize your map
Reminder - this update is for S&T 2011 users only. The S&T 2010 version remains unchanged.
Free download on the page 1 of this thread.

As always - Larry, thanks for your hard work!
Met at FMCA. Download 2011 Streets and Trips. Downloaded POI mega file. Can't figure out how to use Mega file or merge into S & Trips?

Motor Coach Mike
Hi Mike,

Thanks for stopping by the booth at FMCA. We'll get you straightened up with the POI Megafile.

Step 1: Download the latest ST2011 POI Megafile to your desktop
Step 2: Double-click on the file you just downloaded and it will open up in S&T.

If you want to open up a blank map then launch S&T from the start menu.
If you want to start a map with the POI megafile then double-click on it from your desktop.

Give it a try and keep your questions coming.
Larry -You might want to update page one that has last update as 5/2011
Marvin Hlavac
Moen, welcome to the forum, and thanks! It has been corrected!
I continue to learn more interesting things about Streets & Trips. But there are still some things that have me stumped. I have learned to use the Mega File and to download other POIs to use with S&T and the Mega File. I can add POIs to S&T and save that version of S&T as a new .est to open with all the POIs in there just like using the Mega File. I have created my own POI lists and used them to.

But if I create and .est of my own POIs and want to merge that file (a mini Mega File) with the big Mega File .sst I can’t figure out how to do it. Maybe it can’t be done. I read one post somewhere that said you can only add on POI at a time to the Mega File. Is there no way to merge my own mini mega with the big Mega?

I know, why not just add my POIs to the Mega? Sure, I know, but I just want to see if there isn’t a one click does it all method of doing it instead of the multi click method of adding bunches. Has anyone done this? Can it be done? How?

Noting that In & Out was added to the Mega File I submit that Five Guys should be in there too. Not only is Five Guys a better burger but there are more off them. I downloaded a list of 594 from somewhere and POI Factory shows a list of 592 though it seems new ones open almost daily…
...Sure, I know, but I just want to see if there isn’t a one click does it all method of doing it instead of the multi click method of adding bunches. Has anyone done this? Can it be done? ...
No, there is no Merge function that you have not discovered. But copying whole sets of Pushpins is not that difficult, IMHO. Select the set you want to 'merge' into your POI Mega file from the Legend and overview panel, right-click then click on copy. Go to the destination file and paste, either ctrl-V or Edit>Paste. That seems pretty simple to me, although you can only copy and paste one set at a time.
In the Aug update of the POI Mega file there are no rest areas listed for the state of Ohio.
Hi Newscent,

The Sept update will bring the Ohio State Rest Stop collection back. However, there are 2 US-wide Rest Stop collections that have Ohio data so feel free to road-trip through Ohio.
Marvin Hlavac
September Update

Larry writes:


What's new and improved?
  • Kroger Freddy Fuel Collection (BRAND NEW)
  • RidetoEat (reviewed places to eat)
  • All the Public Campground collections
  • Nascar - updated info
  • Rest Areas for Ohio has returned
  • Improvements to the available custom pushpin icons (added all the old school ones, removed a bunch of duplicates, added several new ones too)
Free download at Page #1

To this day, POI Megafile for Microsoft Streets & Trips, and for Microsoft AutoRoute, has been downloaded over 20,000 times.

Thanks Larry!
I added the Kroger Freddy Fuel collection by request by a few folks at the RV Shows in Oregon and Wisconsin. I guess Kroger has cheap fuel or a discount card or something. Maybe someone can fill me in.

Anyways, they own Fred Meyer, QFC, Smiths, Ralphs, Turkey Hill etc. Includes cool pushpin icons for each of them.
Also updated in Aug update:
WalMart locations that ban RV parking
WalMart Supercenters
WalMart Fuel Locations
WalMart (US)
Thanks for the good work, I live in Canada and I have spread the good news to RVers in my country, a lot of snowbirds will use the new file.

Very appreciated.
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