POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
I would like to add some poi's to this group and also how do I correct some that are in my area.

This is a nice map to work with. If everyone would look at there area they live in or travel in and make corrections or add poi's that are missing this would even be better. I'll help tell me who to send updates to.
Please send any additions or corrections to me:

and copy

Thanks Bob!
As they say 'many hands make light work'.

I would encourage those interested in contributing to download the file and view the locations in your neighborhood. If there are corrections to be make send them to Bob.
Marvin Hlavac

Here's a pleasant surprise from Larry:

Here is the latest POI MegaFile for ST2010.

Steve Jones from http://ridetoeat.com gave me permission to include his huge collection of special eateries in the file.

Here is what has been updated:
  • Passport American Campgrounds (US
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Colorado Rest Areas
  • Arizona Rest Areas
  • Ski Resorts with RV parking
  • Resorts of Distinction
  • Camping World
  • Ride to Eat locations (ridetoeat.com)
The updated file is now available in the first post on page #1 of this thread. And, by the way, the "MegaFile" has been downloaded 781 times since Larry made it first available about 6 weeks ago. Thanks to all who have contributed.

P.S. Larry, is there a limit to how many POIs can be included in a single S&T file? Hmm, perhaps we will one day find a limit of this MegaFile if people keep on contributing their collections.
That would be a great problem to have. I've never hit the limit so far but the 2010 release is still young.

Special thanks to Steve Jones from Ridetoeat.com for his huge contribution of points of interest. I would encourage you to visit his website to learn more about what type of eateries make it into his collection.
Marvin Hlavac

Larry keeps making the POI MegaFile bigger and better.

Here is what has been updated Dec 8
  • Camping World
  • AITA Truck stop locations (over 5,000 locations)
  • Escapees Days End
  • Army Corps of Engineers Campgrounds
  • Weigh Stations
Thanks, Larry!!!!!

I just checked, and the POI MegaFile has been downloaded already 998 times. Who is going do the download #1,000?
Hi Everyone, I gust purchased Streets and Trips 2010 and would love to be able to use this mega file of pushpins. My problm is I have no idea how to import it, nothing I try seems to work. Any help would be great. I am not very computer literate.
Tom Bernardi

You don't import it, it is a Route file or an .est file.

Open S&T and just do a File Open and find it where you downloaded it to.

It will come up and then you can have fun, be sure to save your new file with a different name [Save As]

Browse around the board a bit and you will find all kinds of Tips and Tricks.

Avid RVer
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Lee,

Welcome to Laptop GPS World.

Just to add to what Tom said above, the downloaded POI Mega File is a .zip file that needs to be un-Zipped. You might have done that, but I'm mentioning it because I've always wandered if we should include not just the compressed .zip file, but even the uncompressed .est file as a download to make it easier for some people.
Thanks everyone, I`ll try again when i get home from work tomorrow morning.
Hi, I've been trying again to get this mega file into Streets and Trips 2010, and I'm still not having any luck. I download the file, unzip it, I click on the S&T icon and open Streets & Trips, then click on the open file icon in S&T, find the mega file in my documents and click on it. The file opens and changes the title of S&T from Map-Microsoft Streets & Trips to ST2010_poi_megafile.dec-Microsoft Streets & Trips and puts a pushpin column under legend and overview with all of the pushpins. Great, I think! I try and save this and it said the file already exists. OK what ever. If I make a route, save it and exit, the next time i open S&T from the desktop icon that route is nowhere to be found. Either is the pushpin file. If I go to my documents and click on the megafile the route is there when it opens, also the megafile. If I make another route and save it the first one I saved disappears never to be found again. I have never been able to get pushpins to show up under the legend and over heading when I open S&T from the desktop icon. I still don`t see what I`m doing wrong. HELP
Ken in Regina
Hi Lee,

The universe is unfolding just as it should, Grasshopper.

When you open Streets&Trips using the desktop icon, all it does is make the program run with an empty file. That's what it's supposed to do (yeah, I know it's not what you want it to do.)

If you want a map file opened in Streets&Trips, you have to use the File > Open menu to open that file.

Or, as you have discovered, you can just double-click a Streets&Trips map file (*.est) in Windows Explorer (e.g. My Documents, My Computer, whatever), Windows will launch Streets&Trips and tell it to open the file you double-clicked on.

Everything is working just as it was designed and now you know two ways to open the file.

Ken in Regina
Lee, I forgot that there's another way.

If you launch Streets&Trips from the icon on the desktop and click the File menu, look partway down the menu and you will see a list of recently opened files. Your mega file should be listed there, so you can just click on it rather than having to go through the whole Open thing.

And then there were three!

Ken, thanks for the help. I thought the pushpins would be under the legend and overview heading when i open S&T from the desktop icon. I guess I misunderstood. Again, thanks for the help Lee
Marvin Hlavac
Lee, if you wish the POI Mega File to replace the default template of Streets & Trips, you can do that, too. Just rename the POI Mega file to New North America Map.stt, and then replace the default S&T template in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Streets & Trips\Templates\, or a similar folder where the template is located on your computer.
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