POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
Hi Tom!
You got one thing right. I wish I was in FL :-) I love that SuperShow.
The team is working on the next version we don't have anything ready to demo yet.
Marvin Hlavac
Nothing to demo yet??? And you just had to post it here on Friday the 13th!!!

P.S. I took the liberty of quoting you here.
Tom Bernardi
We still love you, Larry, and I'm sorry you had to respond to my post on Friday, the 13th. Only Marvin would kid you about that!!!

A key point for future reference. Many RVers plan their trips for the upcoming season [especially those going to Alaska] at this time of year.

Right now they are all bored to tears keeping warm in places like Florida, Texas and Arizona.

It would be nice to have the newest version of the software loaded on our computers during these slow times.

Besides, I miss you at the Florida RV Show - this is two years now!

My question... I downloaded the Streets2011_POI_Megafile.Jan.stt
I opened it and deleted the pushpin sets I don't want. I saved it. Then I tried to open a trip file I had from before I downloaded the Megafile and when it opened ALL of the pushpin sets disappeared. Does anyone have an idea how to bring an older trip file (made in S&T 2011) to the Streets2011_POI_Megafile.Jan.stt and still keep the sets. I do not want to recreate all of the route files I have already created.
Capt J
When you open a file in S&T, it closes the previously open file. So, when you opened the EST file with your "older trip," it closed the SST file. If you want to have both an SST and an EST file open at the same time, you must have S&T running twice. To do that, open S&T in the usual fashion and then open it again (click on the desktop icon, for example). Open the files you want separately in each and then you willl have your route file in one window and the POIs in another.
Thanks Spades, it sounds like I will have to re-program my routes in the S&T that has the POIs in it. To bad all those POIs are not in a CSV format. Then I could import them into my original version of S&T 2011. It would be a lot easier.
The POI SST file is NOT a different version of S&T 2011 as you seem to think. It is simply a different start-up template than the one supplied by default WITH S&T 2011. Perhaps you should read the Help file where it discusses Templates.

But having said that, you have a couple of choices that do not entail "re-programming" your routes.

First, you could simply export the routes from the non-POI files to the POI SST template file. Simply open your route file, go to Data and then to Export to GPX file. Then, open the SST template and import that GPX file (Data>Import GPX file) and recalculate the route. Now save this as an EST file, presumably with a slightly different file name as "Trip 1-POIs." It is only a couple of clicks and a few seconds to do.

Or you could open a previously-created trip file in one window and then open the SST template in another window. Then, you could copy pushpins sets from the template file to the trip file, as required, using copy and paste.

However, if you are interested in many pushpin sets, that could be a bit tedious. Instead, what you could do is open (unhide) all the pushpin sets you are interested in, select a rectangular area that roughly includes your route, and copy just those pushpins to your route file.

Or, if you are only interested in a few pushpins from the POI template file, you could simply just copy and paste those individually to the trip file.

Finally, if you want the POIs in CSV format, you can have that, too. Again, export them as a GPX file, as above, and then open the GPX file in Excel and save it as a CSV file. Then, use the data import wizard to import that file.
A... I did not think the POI SST is a different version of S&T 2100.
B... Not all of us are senior members of this site and as such do not yet have the wisdom of those who are. We are just learning.
C... Sorry I got your knickers in a twist for asking a question... It won't happen again.
Ken in Regina
Hey CaptJ42,

Nobody's knickers are in a twist. SpadesFlush was just sharing his knowledge to try and help you out.

When it comes to describing a technical procedure without taking an hour to try and translate the social amenities you normally convey through tone of voice into bare words on a screen , it sometimes comes out as rather dry and cold. .... Because technical procedures usually are pretty dry and cold. Sometimes we don't have the time, or our carpel tunnel problems don't permit us, to wrap it up all flowery. But the thought is clearly there, thus the list of tips.

You'll find that we're a pretty laid back bunch around here, even if we aren't the greatest composers on the planet. Welcome to the forum.

Yeah, sorry, I just thought I was helping you to the next stage, CaptJ42. It seemed like you were headed the hard way, but I guess you don't need my help.
I am sorry for my words to Spades. Ken was right. I looked at the black & white words and took them the wrong way. I would like to start over with you guys... This time I won't let a bad day translate into bad actions on my part.
Spades, thanks for your help. I'll go back and read it again. This time with some humility.
No problem. Sorry you were having a bad day.
Hello, this is my first post on this forum. Thanks to all of the people who contributed to the mega-file, it is wonderful! I just updated S&T to 2011, had some problems getting it to open but got through that. I then downloaded what I think is the latest file - it's the one at the beginning page of this forum - and have a couple of non-technical questions. First, in a previous post, I saw that the Pilot and Flying J pushpin sets had been combined, but they are separate in the file I downloaded. Does that mean I got the wrong file?

Other questions, what are AOR Campgrounds and Accident Black Spots?

Finally, can someone explain about the RV Unfriendly set - I see some at campground locations and wonder why they are labeled as unfriendly. Does that mean someone has had a bad experience at the campground?

Hi justravelin,

Welcome to the forum.

Pilot and Flying J were separate - then the companies merged so I combined the pushpin sets. Then someone on the forum requested to have the remain as separate collections since often folks prefer one over the other. So - I separated them and they've been that way ever since.

AOR Campgrounds: Adventure Outdoor Resorts - members stay at these locations for $9/night.

For information about the RV Unfriendly sets read this post: POI Megafile: RV Unfriendly | Streets & Trips Team Blog

Thanks for asking your questions. Please tell others you meet about using S&T with the POI Megafile.
I opened this POI megafile into S&T2011.

Two questions:

1. Is it normal for all these POIs to cause S&T to slow to a crawl, even though they are all hidden by default?

2. To whom do I report corrections or additions?
Right off the bat I noticed that the list of Sam's Clubs with fuel omitted the Sam's Club in 63129 zip code.
Also, the 'Lincoln Monument Rest Stop' at Exit 323 (Happy Jack Rd.) on I-80 in Wyoming is not on the list of rest stops in Wyoming. Actually that one is in S&T 2007 (as the Summit Rest Stop), so maybe the POIs are just rest stops not already in S&T?
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