POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
My Point...Exactly
I know there are a few POI megafile tutorials out there - but wanted to try my hand at one: POI Megafile Tutorial
Marvin Hlavac
Keith, the video is just what was needed! It's going to be very helpful to users. I linked it from the first post.

P.S. I enjoyed seeing how fast the file downloaded on your computer. Now .zip, .stt, and other attached files are being served via CDN (Content Delivery Network). The good thing is it speeds up the download, but there's a negative aspect to it, too. The "views" counters no longer reflect the real number of downloads because the downloads no longer go via the site's own server but rather they are being served by the CDN's edge server closest to the user. So there may be hundreds or thousands of downloads of a file, but the "views" (download) counter may not register them at all. (I'm considering removing the "views" counter).
Excellent tutorial, Keith. It seems that the most difficult thing about the POI Megafile is just getting started with it. After that, a World of possibilities opens up.
I echo what Marvin and SpadesFlush have said. This how-to will surely get a bunch of hits and be a great help to RVers and Truckers and travelers alike! Thanks Keith - you rock!
Marvin Hlavac
Larry's April Update is here:

What collections have changed in this version of the POI Megafile since January?
  • Escapees Days End Discount Parks (updated)
  • Fairgrounds (updated)
  • In'n'Out Burgers (updated)
  • Passport America (D.O.) (updated)
  • Ride to Eat (updated)
  • Truck Stop Guide for S&T (updated)
  • Walmart - No RV Parking (updated)
  • Walmart - US locations (updated)
  • Walmart Supercenters (updated)
  • Walmart with Fuel (updated)
Road Trip season is fast approaching. When you use Streets & Trips and the POI Megafile to plan your next vacation - the perfect trip is at your fingertips! Download the latest POI Megafile today.

Happy Trails,
Larry StreetsandTrips
Free download on page 1 in post 1
I'm a truck driver and I've used the Streets And Trips with the "Overlay" for more than a year now, I trust it more than I do my trucker GPS.

I do have a question. Is there anyway to get low clearance restrictions at 13' 6' and below?
My Point...Exactly
Hi Keep - The POI File has Bridge Clearances at 13-2, 12-9, 12-6 and 12-4.

It will show you where the low clearances are - but will not automatically route you around them.

An easy way to see if low bridges are on your route is to create the route....then use 'search along the route' at a tenth of a mile to see if one shows up on your travel lane.

And as always...as I'm sure you know - keep an eye on the signs - cause no info source is perfect! : )
Marvin Hlavac
30 GB worth of POI Mega File downloaded in 24 hours :-)

Yesterday I noticed a higher website traffic, and this morning I found it was this POI Megafile thread that received unusually high number of visits. And not just visits, but downloads, too.

30,000 Megabytes worth of Larry's POI Megafile has been downloaded in the past 24 hours!

I asked Larry if he knew what was going on. He did know:

That is pretty cool isn't it. This surge was the result of a marketing email that was send out to our users. There was a small paragraph that said the following:

Know before you go.
Download the free POI Megafile. You'll find tons of POI such as low-clearance roads, truck stops, campgrounds, and popular retail stores all along your way. Plus, get POI tips and updates on the Streets & Trips team blog.

Glad it was so effective.

I'd love to see how many people downloaded the Megafile as a result of the mailing.
I no longer have easy (inexpensive) access to such data, Larry, because guests who are not logged in to this site do not access the site's own server, but instead they access files cached by EDGECAST CDN (Content Delivery Network). But we can make an estimate. We know a zipped POI Megafile is 7.18 MB in size, and unzipped stt file is 25 MB in size. If everyone downloaded the .stt file, that would be 30,000 MB / 25 MB = 1,200 downloads. If everyone downloaded the .zip file, that would be 30,000 MB / 7.18 MB = 4,178 downloads.

And the downloads are still continuing...

Thanks, Larry, for POI Megafile, and thanks for the marketing!
My Point...Exactly
Wow! 500% increase in POI Megafile Tutorial YouTube views from June 6th to June 7th (latest data available). Can't wait to see where it goes!

I'm with Marvin, Larry - nice job!
Marvin Hlavac
Keith, I suspect you will see even a higher number of views of your video when you see the data which includes the entire June 7th, and June 8, too. It's the morning of June 9th now, and I still see the effect of the Microsoft's marketing email.
Marvin Hlavac
2013 version

Larry is at a show demonstration the new Streets & Trips 2013. He is giving out demo DVDs to attendees, and he thought it would be a good idea to release an updated POI Megafile version compatible with ST2013.

Larry writes:
What collections have been updated?

Public Campgrounds now up to 12,000!
  • Walmarts Canada No Overnight Parking
  • Escapee Days End (US and CAN)
  • Sams Club
  • Sams Club with Fuel
  • Walmart
  • Walmart Supercenter
  • Walmarts that ban overnight parking
  • Walmarts with Fuel
  • Costco with Full
  • Cracker Barrel
  • Costco
Earlier versions of POI Megafile (versions 2011 and 2010) have not been updated.

Download links in the first post of this thread on page 1.
I've added a page to my MapPoint Article / How-to pages that demonstrate the use of the 'Mega POI' template with my MPMilecharter product (and MapPoint):


(this particular sample finds the closest waterfalls within an hour's driving of each New York State Park, but could be changed to work with other parks, campgrounds, favored grocers/restaurants, your own destination pushpins, etc)

Note: MapPoint 2011 does not list the .stt file extension in the Open File dialog box (.ptt is a MapPoint template; .stt is a Streets&Trips one). However it will load the template without any problems. Just select "All Files (*.*)" to display the .stt file(s).
Marvin Hlavac
Richard, your How-to pages have grown to be a great resource!
Thanks Marvin! I'm currently on the look-out for ideas for new pages... (they don't need to have a commercial component like the above page which mentions MPMileCharter)
Is this out yet?
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