POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
Marvin Hlavac
Baja Boojum posted in our Streets & Trips 2013 review thread a link to the free trial download of the new S&T version.
Yes! Microsoft Streets & Trips 2013 is now available for download: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30173

Purchase options will first show up on www.microsoftstore.com however it looks like they do not have 2013 yet. Hopefully, very soon.
Marvin Hlavac
Larry, at least one forum member has already mentioned he has bought his ST2013 in his local Microsoft store. The stores likely have it on shelves already, just the website hasn't been updated yet.
Great. I'll have to check our local Microsoft Store to see if they've got it stocked. I'm interested to see the box.
I have S&T 2013. When I attempt to download Streets2013_POI_MegaFile.Jun.stt, it opens the following and downloads it into S&T 2011:

Welcome to Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 installation.
Press the Install button to begin.
I tried uninstalling S&T 2011 but it still opens 2011 and downloads the entire 2011 program.

How do I get it into 2013?


Ken Porter
Great question Ken.

So have 2 versions of Streets & Trips installed on the same machine and want to open up a saved map file (.est) or template file (.stt) like the POI Megafile then INSTEAD of double-clicking on it. Right-Click on the file and choose the version for the popup context menu. OR alternatively, you could just launch the version you wish to use from the start menu then open the saved map from the file menu or the 'open file' button on the toolbar.
I've been trying to download the POI Megafile for S&T 2013 but it just opens to a blank window and never downloads (both the .ZIP and the .STT).
Marvin Hlavac

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry! And THANKS for letting me know! The site was just moved to a different server few hours ago (in the process of trying to identify an issue), and the move affected attachments. I just corrected it (I hope). Try to download the file now, and let me know if you still experience a problem.
I downloaded each of them and tested the .stt with S&T 2013. Looks ok Marvin.

Although the POIs in the megafile (or other sources, like this: http://poi.gps-data-team.com/) can be brought into S&T by opening the .est or .stt file, bringing up a new map...
...can they also be brought into an existing S&T map file that has route(s) and other customization that would be lost if you had to start by opening the megafile ?
...and is there any way to make 3rd-party POIs show up along with the built-in S&T POIs that are controlled in the "Find Nearby Places" pane?
POI sets can be imported if they are in GPX, XLS, XLSX, or CSV (and probably others) formats using the Data Import Wizard.

Once imported and the set(s) are open (unhidden), they will show when using Find Nearby Places.
^ Thanks!

Part of the reason I asked is that I opened and looked through the latest POI megafile for S&T 2011, and I noticed a nearby Golden Corral was missing, and also that a nearby Sam's was in the wrong place (although it had the correct address, it was located by incorrect Lat&Long) and wasn't listed as having gas, though it has has gas for about a decade. It was then that I remembered I had noticed that before, and one of my earliest posts (http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2595-poi-mega-file-pushpin-collections-truckers-rvers-other-...velers-p20#post42273) asked how to submit those corrections. I seem to recall sending an email to the address associated with some of the POIs, but it looks like that didn't work, at least not yet. So I want to be able to fix mistakes when I see them. Using the text version of the POIs will let me do that.

Is there any way to edit the megafile POIs that are already in the .STT format?

Also - according to this: www.discoveryowners.com/poitutorial.htm
it isn't possible to extract the built-in POIs?

If so, is it possible to apply custom icons to S&T built-in POIs, so that a larger logo shows up for any group of restaurants that I choose? If this can be done, hopefully it doesn't have to be done one at a time.
Originally Posted by SpadesFlush
Once imported and the set(s) are open (unhidden), they will show when using Find Nearby Places.
How does that work? Is that only for POIs imported though the data wizard?

Here's where the megafile POIs show up (Legend and overview):

And here's where the built-in POIs show up (in the "Find Nearby Places" pane that allows showing POIs within x miles of the route):

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s-t-2011-built-poi-screen-capture-r1.jpg   s-t-2011-megafile-poi-screen-capture-r1.jpg  
OK, now I get it. When in the "Find Nearby Places" pane, the megafile POIs (and presumably any imported POIs) just all show up if they are not hidden, even outside the "Find Nearby Places" search area, and chosing "Hide this category" merely removes them from the list of nearby places, it does not actually hide them in map view; to do that you have to go back to the "Legend and overview" pane.

But that works OK for me.

One of the best things about these POIs is that you can still see them and even tell which one is which when zoomed out to a large area. That is VERY helpful!
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Larry, can you confirm that there is no way to apply icons like the megafile POIs have to groups of S&T's built-in POIs (not one at a time)?

And there's no way to export the built-in POIs into a editable file format of some sort?
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