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S&T 2015? I can't wait.

And, yes, it is a simple thing. When you create a "NEW" route, you are creating a new file starting initially with nothing in it. Route data is stored as a file. The POI mega file is not a new file as you previously d/l'ed it. Therefore, you have to work within the POI mega file when you do your campsite searches over your route. When you do that, be sure to save it, "SaveAs", as something else so that you do not over-write the POI mega file (that is unless that is exactly what you want to do).
I save my POI Mega file map as "Master Map 2013" and open it before I plan a trip or a portion of a trip, when I am done I save that trip, using the SaveAs, as something like "Montana to Texas 2013". That way you keep your mega file still as Master Map 2013. You have to hide and unhide the places on your master map that you want to show up on all your trips.
If you screw up and plan a trip and accidently save it as the Master Map, don't sweat it, just reopen the master map, save it with another name using the SaveAs. Then open your master map again and delete the route from the route planned and hit save again to have your master map file back without a trip.
Good luck.
Marvin Hlavac
November Update

Originally Posted by Larry

What's has changed in the POI Megafile since last release?

* Coast to Coast (400+ locations) now includes Good Neighbor, Premier, Elite etc)
* Escapee Private Discount Parks (715 locations)
* Escapee Days End (3628 locations)
* Flying J / Pilot RV Friendly Fuel Stops - these are only the locations that are RV friendly (has 1 or more of: [FONT=Times New Roman]RV fuel island, propane, or dump station)
* Military FamCamps (244 locations)
* Ride-to-Eat (1057 reviewed eating locations)
* Walmart - No RV Parking (632 locations)
* Walmart (US) (254 locations)
* Walmart Supercenters (3084 locations)
* Walmarts with Fuel (834 locations)

Thanks Larry!

As always, free download is posted in the very first post of this thread on page #1.
The 2013 S&T MegaPOIfile, I can't find any Walmart in Montreal metropolitan area neither NOP or all of them.

Thank you the Mega file is very useful while traveling with RVs.

Hello Pierre,

If there are missing Walmart locations in Montreal please let tessierjm61@hotmail.com know. That is the person who provides this info for Canada.

FYI - most of the POI Megafile collections include the direct email for the person who supplied the data in the information balloon. That is the best way to send your feedback and corrections.
Thank you Larry et al. The MEGA FILE IS AWESOME. Thanks for providing it.
Marvin Hlavac
March update

Larry writes:

What's new?

Ride to Eat
Escapee Days End (USA & Canada)
WM (Not Supercenter)
WM Supercenter
WM Fuel
Pilot/Flying J (RV friendly locations ONLY)
Escapee Private Discount Parks
Military FamCamps
WM Canada NOP
Public Campgrounds - NW, MW, SW, CA, NE, S, CAN
Thanks for the latest update, Larry.

Free download here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2595-poi-mega-file-pushpin-collections-truckers-rvers-other-travelers
The Resorts of Distinction listing is quite outdated(2009).
On their website they have a download available/ all locations on a
single page, coordinates and all.

www.resortsofdistinction.com under directory.

It would be greatly appreciated if the 'right' person could update this.

Thanks for all the hard work on the POI Megafile.
It is priceless.

Hi Dutchie,

I will volunteer to be the 'right' person this time around. I've now updated this collection and it will be included in the POI Megafile the NEXT time it is updated. In the meantime, here is an S&T 2013 file with the new and improved Resorts of Distinction pushpin set.

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File Type: est ST2013-ResortsOfDistinction.est (235.5 KB)
Marvin Hlavac
From time to time a question is asked about how to merge one's own map file with POI Megafile. It has been answered in various discussions, but the most recent one, answered by Larry, has just been linked from the first post of this thread to hopefully make it easier for new POI Megafile users to locate. It has also been linked from Tips & Tricks.

Here's the direct link: How to combine pushpin sets from different maps into the same map
I have been trying to download the zip and full version of the Streets and Trips 2013 Mega files from Larry and have come up with virus found in both cases.

Have you run across this and is there another solution to download the Megafile.

Thanks, Len
Downloaded both of the March 2013 files and neither reported a virus. I'm using S&T 2013 and downloading the 2013 version of the Mega File.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Len, and welcome to the forum. It must be one of those annoying false positives. Which antivirus software is on the PC?
Richard in South Carolina
How often is the Mega file updated?
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