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Marvin Hlavac
How often is the Mega file updated?
Hi Richard,

When Larry first compiled POI Megafile, he used to release new updates monthly. Now he releases new versions when the need arises, which is on average about once every few months.
Richard in South Carolina

Can you point me in the direction on how to open two maps at the same time. I know I saw it somewhere and I searched for it but can't come up with it. After I learn how to do that I want to try my hand at adding push pins.
Marvin Hlavac
Richard, that's a very good question. I copied your above post to a new topic: How to open two Streets & Trips maps at the same time. There are some replies already there. See if they answer your question.
Richard in South Carolina
Success, ya hoooo. I opened two maps and added push pins. Thanks Marvin.
Hi Richard,

Great question - When there are enough POI updates to warrant an update I'll put one together. This is a labor of love with no set schedule. You can usually expect an update every few months. However, the POI Megafile contains 220+ collections and not all of them are updated.

The next version is going to be awesome and I'm trying to find time to finish it before the end of the month. It will have your contribution Richard.
Richard in South Carolina
Thanks Larry, I'll be honored to have a contribution to the file
I just installed Streets & Trips 2013. I also downloaded the POI mega file and have no clue how to get the download into the Streets progam.

Could someone please help me before I pull my hair out.

Thank you.

Assuming you have either unzipped the one or downloaded the stt version, just click on the download and it will open in S&T 2013.

Thank you. For some reason the download kept going to Word and it was all jumbled. Somehow I got it to work. Thank you very much. When you know what you are doing it works great.
I am at a Very Nice Faiground / RV Park in Aberdeen, SD.
It does not show up in the POI's.
Who can I send the info to, to get it updated so it can be of help to others.
Originally Posted by Dutchie
...Faiground / RV Park...Who can I send the info to, to get it updated so it can be of help to others.
Hi Dutchie - the POI collections are owned by many different people. I just happen to own the Fairgrounds collection. Send the update to me at Streetsandtrips [at ] Hotmail [dot] com. Thanks in advance for your contribution!
I have Streets and Trips 2010 and your software with push pins of the same year. How do I up date your software.
Marvin Hlavac
Hi Firstralbertpitts, and welcome to the forum. Larry used to update the 2010 version of POI Megafile while Streets & Trips 2010 was the current version of the program. When a newer S&T version releases, the older POI Megafile versions remain available as a free download, but only the POI Megafile compatible with the most recent S&T version receives updates.
Marvin Hlavac
August update is here!

Larry writes:

What’s new?
America’s Scenic Highways and Byways collection (NEW)
Coast to Coast Good Neighbor (updated)
Cracker Barrel (updated)
Escapees Days End (updated)
Fairgrounds (updated)
Harbor Freight Tools (updated)
In’n’Out Burgers (updated)
Ride to Eat (updated)
Truck Stop Guide for S&T (updated)
Nice to see the "America’s Scenic Highways and Byways collection" added!

Thanks Marvin!

Special thanks to our forum members Richard_in_SouthCarolina and SteveJonesMO for that America's scenic Highways and Byways data. The POI megafile version is a single pushpin set. Just as a reminder there is a version with each route in a separate pushpin set from here.

Also, I made the font size larger in this version. Those with good eyes can easily change it back in the Tools --> Options..., Map tab. Change the Map font size dropdown from "Larger" to "Medium".

I have started to make use of the new "Show Names" feature by adding additional info to the POI name. For example, in Cracker Barrel you can now see the Hwy/Exit detail in the "Show names" view (see screenshot below).

This is a great community and I love to support it as I am able.
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