POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
Well Larry, I did what you said and created a new template and saved a new N.A. map. However that hasn't solved the problem. All of the trips that I had saved prior to the POI import, were saved in a file called My GPS Trips in My Documents. New trips built with the POI version work fine and open in the correct version.

My challenge is when I am in the new Streets & Trips 2010 w/POI and try to open a trip in My GPS Trips that was created with the non POI version, it won't open, but instead kicks me back into the earlier version.

I have numerous trip saved that I would like to run using the POI version but can't seem to find a way to do it.

Am I dense?
netmark, do you use all of the POI in the mega file? Why not just copy & paste the ones you use most often into your old files. I don't think there is a way to "merge" the new template with your old files. The template only comes into play when you create a new file, as best as I understand it.
Hi netmarks,

My apologies if I didn't understand your question.

Here is how I would transfer pushpin sets from POI Megafile to my older saved map.

1) Open the S&T 2010 POI Megafile
2) Open the trips you saved prior to having the POI megafile
(you should now have 2 instances of S&T open in 2 different windows)
3) On the POI Megafile under pushpins - single-click on the POI collection you want to copy
4) R-click and choose 'copy' or do a ctrl+c
5) Now bring the other instance of S&T (showing your old trip) to the front.
6) press Ctrl+V or r-click anywhere on the map and choose 'paste'

Result: the pushpin set now shows up on the old map (including the custom icon!)
Note: It doesn't matter if the pushpin set is in the (hidden) state for the transfer.
Also: there is no way to select multiple pushpin sets and copy them all at once. It must be done one-by-one.

Let us know how that works for you.

Thanks to Larry & Gadget Girl. I got it done.

On to bigger and better challenges!

Clermont Ed
Crazy Chris
Originally Posted by Larry
1) Open the S&T 2010 POI Megafile
2) Open the trips you saved prior to having the POI megafile
(you should now have 2 instances of S&T open in 2 different windows)
Wow! Another new feature I hadn't noticed! In earlier versions of S&T (at least up until 2006) you could only have one map open at a time. Being able to open multiple maps is REALLY handy!

Originally Posted by Larry
Also: there is no way to select multiple pushpin sets and copy them all at once. It must be done one-by-one.
Well darn! Add THAT to the wish list, Larry! Being able to ctrl-click multiple sets and then copy and paste would be really handy.

Regards, Chris
Hi guys new to the forum and just purchased Streets and Trips. I have downloaded the Mega file and looked it over. I had started a thread and another member suggested I might want to add an idea to this discussion:

It would be nice to compile trail head info along with a complete listing of State/National parks. I have had the opportunity to look over the POI Mega file, and while this is a great help it also lacks some/many state parks, a few National ones and very few to no Wilderness areas.

I would be interested in working with others to compile the data for trail heads, National forest and other outdoor spot locations. I live in South Eastern TN so the Great Smoky Mountains along with many other National forest and wilderness areas in my region are something I would be wiling to compile.

That is if others are interested. Not sure how many hikers and outdoorsy types use this software. If we combined our efforts then a better idea of where things were could be compiled.

I'm not looking to use this for hiking, map/compass and hand helds are fine for that. I'm just looking to gaining more info about where trail heads, national parks, State Parks, wilderness areas, OHV parks, historic site locations basically anything outdoors are. I think this additional info would be a great addition to this software/file.
What I had in mind was more of a local tour of the area of unknown locations as well as well know ones. Like the Cumberland Trail, Cherokee National Forest, small state parks, OHV parks, rafting outfitters, rock climbing areas and other places in Eastern TN that I know of that most people have never heard of. When people come to the Smokies they manly converge on the main attractions, which like many of you in hard hit National Park areas know are places to avoid.

The big National Parks are the places to go when traveling and most of the time there is only time to hit the highlights, but if there is time to spare it would be nice to avoid the crowds and see something locals find that rival the more well know sights.

I may be messing up our hidden treasures by adding them to this but I also would like to find other states hidden treasures. So there is a give and take to wanting to find these things out.
Marvin Hlavac
March Update
Originally Posted by Larry

What's new for March release?
  • Updated - Ride To Eat locations
  • Updated - Passport America Campground locations (US)
  • New - Restoration Hardware locations
  • New - Accident blackspot locations

Marvin Hlavac
April Update

Originally Posted by Larry

What's new in the POI Megafile for April?
  • Updated Escapees Days End collection
  • Updated BioDiesel collection
  • Updated Ride to Eat collection
  • New Demco RV Dealership locations
  • Many new custom pushpin icon images
Marvin Hlavac
June Update

Larry writes:

What's New?
  • SpadesFlush's Philly Cheesesteak collection
  • Blue Ride Parkway Tunnels
  • Camping World
  • Cracker Barrel Restaurants
  • Escapee/Days End Campgrounds (US and Canada)
  • Loves Travel Stops
  • Pilot Truck Stops
  • Petro Stopping Centers
  • Resort Park International (RPI) campgrounds
  • Travel Centers of America (TAs)
+ a few more custom icons
Thanks Larry for making the POI Mega File possible, and a special thanks to SpadesFlush for the Philly Cheesesteak collection.
Marvin Hlavac
AutoRoute POI Mega File Update

Originally Posted by Larry

SpadesFlush (Phil) sent me a bunch of new POI for the AR file that he created during his trip. I've updated the AR 2010 POI megafile. We used to have 78 pushpin POI collections but now we're up to 97!

What's New?
  • UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Travel Channel Places and Trips Food
  • Barcelona POIs
  • Florence POIs
  • Madrid POIs
  • Monaco POIs
  • Rome POIs
  • Venice POIs
  • Distilleries of Scotland
  • WiFi
  • Train Station
  • Tourist Information
  • Museums
  • National Trust
  • English Heritage
  • UK Accident Black Spots
  • 1ere-Classe Hotels
  • ALDI Hotels
  • Auchan
  • Campanile Hotels
  • Carrefour
  • Castle Hotels
  • Champion Markets
  • Etap Hotels
  • Formula 1 Hotels
  • Hotels
  • Ibis Hotels
  • IKEA (FR)
  • Intermarche Markets
  • Kyriad Hotels
  • Shell Stations

I recently make a contribution to the POI Mega File and I can't wait to see how it's going to look!
Tom Bernardi

Looks like Super Wal Marts are in the June database twice...smile...you must like them. We do - smile!

Thanks Tom! It's hard to get good help these days.
I'll be updating the file in July and I'll stick with just 1 entry.
Tom Bernardi

Another suggestion for you - I just went to www.catscale.com and you can download all the locations of CAT Scales - they are used by both truckers and RVers [on occasion - when we want to check out our rig weight for safety]. I downloaded the GPX version and the CAT .bmp file, so it should be an easy one to do. Not sure what your protocol is, but it downloads for free, and you can sign up for updates to the file.

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