POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
If I click on the Mega file that I downloaded it does open with all the pushpins in the 'Legends' panel. And I can unhide them. But when I click on a 'trip'in the folder I have saved it loses the pushpins in Legends and just reverts back to original. It would be nice if the pushpins would stay onscreen as I move down the road. Not all of them of course, just the ones I want to see.

Each of these is a different file. Try opening both files at the same time. Copy and paste the sets of POIs you want from the mega file one to your trip one.

The crucial thing to remember is that this POI file is a complete file on its own. If you open, or have it open already, another file in which you have created a route or otherwise populated the file with data, that is itself another complete file.

As Terry said above, you can have both open at the same time. If you have them open in side-by-side windows, you can copy selectively things you want from the POI file to your own file.

Or you can use the POI file to start constructing your own route. That is, open the POI file, start making a route or whatever, and then save that with "Save As" with a new file name. This latter step is very important to avoid writing over the original POI file. Doing it this way saves a lot of copying and pasting and assures everything from the POI file is on your route file. You can either hide or delete POI pushpins that are not relevant to your route.
I couldn't figure out how to get the Mega file into Streets so it would load up when Streets was launched. Well thanks to a friend who has used Streets for many years I learned what steps were involved.

There is a file called 'New North America Maps.sst'. The mega file has to be saved to a 'Templates' folder hidden deep in Windows 7. You have to save the file using that name. You are overwriting the file with the new file and using the same name. By editing the Mega file to eliminate all the stuff you don't need and also setting your on screen map whatever you want to the location and size you like. When you launch Streets the next time it will only load the POI's you want and the view you want.

Apparently I have to recreate my saved trips as they won't be in the new file. But any new ones I create will be saved for future callup.

Nowhere did I find the directions on how to impliment the New Mega file.

Tom Bernardi

I used to rename it and make it the default, but most times I don't need to load it initially, I just load the current file I am traveling under. I just save it in a LaptopGPS folder and change it each month when the new update comes out, and bring it up after S&T starts - to me - lots easier.

One other thing I have done is take a current planned route and move it to a new updated Megafile. I just Hide all pushpins, and do a Data Export GPX and save the small GPX file onto the desktop, then open the new updated Megafile and do a Data Import GPX and all of your route appears, except for the nights or times for scheduled stops.

Maybe the MS Development team can work on that. Also, work on a Alpha sort of Pushpins and a delete pushpin function that will not return to the top of the list each time you delete a set. Sometimes I want to delete multiple sets of rest stops or state parks that we will not visit. It would also be nice to delete multiple sets at once.

Just a thought,
Originally Posted by RSTravler
I couldn't figure out how to get the Mega file into Streets so it would load up when Streets was launched...
Sorry, but I did not understand that you were asking this question in your earlier posts and I tried to answer the question as I then read it. There are some downsides to making a POI megafile your STT file, but if that is what you want to do, fine.
He hasn't used the latest version of S&T then as you don't have to do that anymore.Under Tools - Options - Maps tab, you can save your current configuration and it will open every time.

Also, we made suggestions as to how you might implement the file and others about how to transfer points of interest to your existing trips.

Ken in Regina
Just look how much new stuff you've learned, RS!!

I don't mean to sound unsympathetic, but the POI Mega File is a massive, and totally voluntary, effort by a few people in their relatively limited spare time. So I don't think it's unreasonable to expect that those who want to take advantage of it should be required to learn a little bit on their own time so they can make the best use of it. Especially since everyone who uses it wants to use it a little, or a lot, differently.

I think your comments about no instructions to use it are somewhat unjustified. Thousands of words of guidance have been written in this discussion thread alone, since it was initially started. Many of those words have been written in direct response to your requests for help. Some of those messages included explicit instructions how to do what you just did ... make it into a template (and creating templates is included in the Streets&Trips Help file). So, if the assistance that was provided was not adequate for your needs, it sure wasn't through any lack of trying on the part of a lot of your fellow users.

I'm glad you found a way to get it done.

Be well.


I'm sure what you say is true that a lot of time and effort have been put in build and use the info in the Mega file. It's a great compilation of data. And I do appreciate all that has been done. And I'm sure it's been discussed in how to use and apply it. Apparently I haven't researched far enough or long enough to find what I needed to know. In time I would have found the answers if it were here somewhere.

Fortunately I have a friend who has used it for a long time and was aware of what I needed to do. He is good to share what he knows as do I if I have anything to contribute.

My thanks Ken to you and Terry and all the others for the effort put in and for all your help. Thank god for the internet for the resouce that it is. Without it I for one would be totally at a loss. How did we ever get anything done before computers?

Paper maps and a compass.

Marvin Hlavac
RS, many of us occasionally need help with things like the mega file, Streets & Trips, etc, etc. It's good that there always are some people around who can help. Larry, who quite often goes to various shows to promote the use of trip planning software recently wrote:

Originally Posted by Larry
During the first couple of hours of each day we would invite people to bring in their laptops if they needed some extra help setting up S&T. Many people took us up on this. A common request was to make the POI megafile their default start up map.
Marvin Hlavac
Sept. Update - Mega File Now Easier To Use (.stt instead of .est)

Larry writes:

Originally Posted by Larry

Updates for this month:

Removed: Flying Js
Removed: Pilot
Added: Pilot/Flying J

Updated the following collections:
  • Camp Club USA
  • Cat Scales
  • Loves travel
  • Military FamCamps
  • Petro Stopping Centers
  • Ride to Eat
  • Sam's Clubs
  • Sam's Clubs with Fuel
  • Walmart - No RV Parking
  • Walmart - US locations
  • Walmart - Supercenters
  • Walmart - With Gas
Changed it to a template file (.stt) Why? You use it the same way you did when it was an EST file but now it will prompt you for a new name when you save it. It decreases the risk of accidentally making changes to the "master".

Let me know if you have any comments/questions or concerns.

Download link in post #1 of this discussion thread.
Marvin Hlavac
Larry, the change from .EST to .STT is a fabulous idea. Users will not accidentally overwrite the original file. This will simplify usage. Wonderful idea!

When we started creating the POI Megafile the only freely available collections we could find were from the Discovery Owners website. Still today this is the primary source for these collections.

With each update I have found more companies like Pilot-Flying J, Loves Travel Stops, Camp Club USA, CAT scales, and Petro Stopping Centers to offer their databases directly.

What does this mean?
The data contained for each location is richer than it used to be
but some cases the location (lat/long) isn't as accurate as it could be.
Note: I have manually corrected locations wherever I could but as always - user beware.

Above is an example of how the Flying J information has improved for this months POI Megafile release.
OK - - - I am going to do it!!!
I have spent an hour searching for the answer and although I am almost sure it is probably here someplace, I can not find it so I will just ask.

When updating POI Mega files, will the update overwrite the old file or do I need to delete the old file?
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