POI Mega File - pushpin collections for truckers, RVers, and other travelers
Hi Bud33,

If you are asking this question rest assured that many others have the same question.

Each monthly POI Megafile update is a separate file in itself. It will not update your old file.

If you are planning a new trip from scratch - just download this one and use it and all the POI goodness it contains for your planning.

If you already have a planned trip in an older megafile there are several options:

1) start again with the new POI Megafile
2) in the case where that is too much work - you can copy just the updated pushpin sets from the new POI megafile to your old one.

Details on how to do that are here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3876-how-transfer-custom-pushpin-icons-symbols-your-existing-map

Did that help answer your question?
Thanks Larry...
Guess I will just delete the old file and install the new
I'd love to see this collection in a format that could be used in multiple GPS applications. I use both Garmin Mobile PC and Streets & Trips 2009.

Any chance of a text .CSV file for it?
Tom Bernardi
Larry and Bud33,

If you have a current trip planned with an old megafile, and want to update to the new megafile file and not re-do your whole route:
1) Open the trip you want to update.
2) Hide all pushpins
3) Do a Data Export GPX and save to your desktop or other place you can remember.
4) Open the new version of the Megafile
5) Do a Data Import GPX - all of your route and stops will appear.
6) Go to Route Planner and Get Directions.
7) Your route is re-done for you.

The only thing you need to re-do is the number of nights or time for a rest stop. Maybe Larry can work on that for the 2011 update.


First post, though I have been following and learning for a long time. I'm waiting Streets and Trips 2011 to come out hopefully any day now.

Is everyone comfortable the POI megafile is going to slide into 2011 OK??


If not, I'm sure Larry will massage it appropriately to work!!

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Robert, and welcome to the forums. Don't expect Streets & Trips 2011 in stores just yet. Past versions released at around this time, end of summer / beginning of fall, but a rumor has it that the upcoming version 2011 will be launched later.
Marvin Hlavac
Happy 1st Birthday POI Mega File

October 9, 2009 was the day S&T Team released the very first version of the now famous POI Megafile. I cannot imagine a better way to celebrate the first anniversary than by releasing a version that includes all 10,000 public campgrounds in the US and Canada!

Thanks Larry and Gladwin of Microsoft, and thanks to everyone else involved in this very helpful project.

October Update
Originally Posted by Larry
Here it is! The latest and greatest version of the ever popular POI Megafile.

There are now 227 pushpin sets!!

I am really excited to have all 10,000 public campgrounds in the US and Canada - courtesy of Tom @ www.USCAmpgrounds.info

Here is what's new:
6 public campground sets broken out by region

* AOR ACN campgrounds (US)
* AOR ACN campgrounds (CAN)
* Escapees Days End
* Loves Travel stops
* Passport America Campgrounds (US)
* Passport America Campgrounds (CAN)
* Petro Travel Centers
* Pilot / Flying J locations
* RidetoEat.com (reviewed places to eat)
* Super Walmarts
* Walmarts
* Walmarts w/ Fuel (now with Gas/Diesel in name)

As always, to download the latest version of (free) POI Megafile, go to page one of this topic: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/2595-poi-mega-file-pushpin-collections-truckers-rvers-other-travelers

POI Mega File, both, the S&T + the AutoRoute versions, have been download over 9,000 times to date.
Thanks for the virtual party, Marvin!

Wow! Almost 8,000 people have downloaded this file...or a few people have downloaded it many many times. Either way, it is great to see its success.

Help make this file better! In this release I have added contact emails for several of the pushpin sets. If you find a location that is out of place - please send them an email so they can correct it for the next update. I'm sure they will appreciate knowing that others are benefiting from their work.
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Hi, I have downloaded the POI Megafile and followed instructions to make it the default .stt template for Streets & Trips 2010 when it opens.

It is fine when I create a new route using the default template which includes now the POI Megafile.

I have several hundreds of routes already created with S&T 2010, and when I open one of them, the template with the POI Megafile is not used. Is there a way to apply the new POI Megafile template to existing routes by default?

Thank you
Welcome to the Forum. It sounds like you are a quite experienced user of S&T.
Originally Posted by placasse47
...Is there a way to apply the new POI Megafile template to existing routes by default ?...
I don't think there is a default way of doing what you want to do.

What you might consider doing is to export your existing routes one by one as GPX files and then import them, again one at a time, into the STT file.

I might also point out that we can expect further POI Mega files as people add more and more features. Therefore, an STT file you create today might be superceded by newer STT files that incorporate more POIs. This might create further complications, depending on how you are using your files.
Hi SpadesFlush,

Thank you for the quick reply.

It is just too bad that the POI Megafile template cannot be used with already existing routes (est files).

I have tried your suggestion ie export to GPX file and then import it back in a new route which is using the POI Megafile. It worked but all the stops, start, end points got corrupted. An example of this is my start which is my home in Quebec Canada near Montreal, it gets translated to a location across the border in New York State. It is the same with all other points.

I have tried to find out if there was a different way to export/import but couldn't find anything.

Would you have an idea of what could be the cause of the problem ?

Thank you

Tom Bernardi

I have not had a problem transferring points with the export GPX. Make sure you hide all pushpin sets, and just have your route showing. Then do a GPX export and save the file to your desktop. Then open the new megafile [I just leave it as an est file]. and do a Data import GPX of the same saved file. It should bring your route in except for time of each stop. They should also be in order. You have to reinput any stop time and hopefully could be an improvement in future releases.

At least that has been my experience.

Good luck and hope this helps,
Marvin Hlavac
Pierre, it is also possible to copy and paste individual pushpin categories from POI Magafile to your existing .est files. Open POI Megafile, go to Legend & Overview pane (Ctrl+G), right-click a desired pushpin set, and select "Copy". Then open your Streets & Trips .est file, and "Paste" (Ctrl+V) it there.
Pierre, I am sorry to hear you had a problem exporting/importing. I don't know why the data was corrupted; obviously, that should not happen. Having no technical expertise is such matters, I cannot add much to aleviate your issues. Like Tom Bernardi above, I have managed to do this successfully in the past but I have no idea why you've had the problem you've had. Also, I agree with Tom's suggestions.

Otherwise, I tend to agree with your desire to have the process of merging file data easier. I don't really like the export/import drill I suggested earlier but I think that's all that is available now. There is at least one Wish List entry elsewhere on the Forum requesting the ability to merge route files, etc.
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