Default values in Find Nearby Places pane
I use Microsoft Streets and Trips 2009 to plan my RV trips, and set up my fuel stops. I set up the trip, go to an instruction that is about 400 miles from my start and double click that instruction. The map zooms and that particular instruction is marked on the map. When I right click on the instruction in the list and select Find nearby places the search is done Around "Selected driving instruction". I would prefer to have the search set at Around "Point".

Is there a way to have the search preference be set to "Point"? Also, when I set the Around to "Point", the center of the search is changed. How do I keep the center at the original instruction location?

I've tried right clicking on the map location for that instruction but then the Around defaults to "Entire trip". Is there not a way to change the default to Around "Point"? A long trip can take a fairly long time to locate nearby places when the "Entire trip" is used for the search.
Hi phays,

Great questions. The find nearby places (FNP) functionality can be really helpful when trip planning. If you open up the FNP pane you will see 3 options at the bottom.
  1. Search radius - allows you to search distance between 0.1 - 50 miles.
  2. Around dropdown list - here is where you want to change it from 'selected driving instruction' to point.
  3. Sort is set by distance by default. I like it that way - the results start with the ones closest. The other option
If the search radius has been set to your liking and your change the dropdown to search around a point - now hit the <REFRESH> button to get the search results.

Now, if the point that is being searched isn't exactly where you want it - just pan the map and click the <REFRESH> button again. Easy peasy!

Happy searching!
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