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Please Fix Exporting an Imported Text file to GPX
There appears to be a discrepancy in Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 regarding the Import Wizard. The following is an example of a file that can cause this discrepancy to show itself.

49.xxxxx,-104.xxxxxx,Name,Street Address,City,State,etc.

If you import a .txt or .cvs file into S&T and if you use lat/long as the matching criteria, the importer will add a blank line after the Latitude/Longitude field. This places this blank line above the F<n> fields in the balloon information window. In the sample record above it would place the blank line above the Street Field. See the expanded pushbutton with it's balloon information window photo below. If on the other hand you use any other field that can match, typically the address field/s this problem does not happen.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem except when utilizing the new Export to GPX File capability. The blank line appears to cause the S&T built in exporter to ignore all the fields following the blank line. As mentioned above if you use the address field to match instead of lat/long the blank line won't be added. Likewise if you Export to GPX and there is no blank line all the data fields will be exported to the GPX file.

Many .TXT and .CSV files that are available to S&T users may not have accurate or have non-existant addresses, or S&T simply doesn't have these particular address in it's base map. This is why the lat/long is important and needed for importing many of these files.

This glitch in S&T creates a non-standard GPX file. If you want to use one of these exported files in a GPS device it will not have all the data as expected.

Just a Note: In reviewing earlier versions of Microsoft S&T, S&T 2006 and S&T 2007 importing this same .txt file did not produce a blank line. It appears the problem is during the import of said file and it happens with both S&T 2009 and 2010.
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