Version upgrade: Navmii
A new version of Navmii for laptops was released recently. Version can be installed over your existing copy and retain the license information. Unfortunately, it is still UK only but there are some refinements listed.

Version Update : For Windows XP/Vista/7

07 October 2009

have released a version update for Navmii. Please upgrade your current version by logging into your Navmii account on-line and downloading the update in the download section. Release notes:

  1. ETA improved
  2. Routing algorithm update
  3. Fixed address lookup not finding some streets or picking up streets for other regions
  4. City center search unified with street search
  5. Updated postcode db
  6. Simplified main menu
  7. Route overview
  8. List of route directions;
  9. 'Home' — an ability to set home location and route there in a couple of clicks;
  10. New, better voices, with additional instructions
  11. Snapping (the snapping of GPS position to a neighbor road) problems were fixed and the algorithm was significantly improved;
  12. The map will not jump or rotate when you stop at crossroads as the GPS filtering algorithm was significantly improved;
  13. City names display was significantly improved, now all small cities are labeled on the map;
  14. Favorites sort order has been fixed.
  15. Road names are sometimes displayed incorrectly in Ireland


Since I have 2 800x480 devices handy, I took a screenshot of the old and new menu layouts. It looks like some of the icons previously under 'Navigate to...' and 'Find...' have migrated to the main menu and the Night mode switch went to Preference. The map view looks to be the same as before though.

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