Reading old version files in new version of Microsoft Streets and Trips
Will Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 read files saved in version 2007?

Thanks in advance.
From what I have read here on the forum from others is that newer versions of S&T will generally read older versions' files. However, generally older versions will not read newer versions' files. So, 2010 will likely read 2007 files. But, 2007 will not likely read 2010 files. The great experts here on the forum will surely give you a more precise answer. They're great and gracious in sharing their knowledge.
Ken in Regina
I don't know if anyone has checked the backwards compatibility closely in the new version yet. In 2009 we found some issues with pushpin symbols, for instance.

In any case, make sure you save backup copies of your older version files and then only work with a copy in 2010 until you are satisfied that everything comes across properly, or at least that you're okay with whatever came across.

t1dunn - you got it right.
I'll just add that 2007 will not read 2008,2009 or 2010 files.

Kathlene - welcome to laptopgpsworld! Keep the questions coming. We're ready for them.
Thank you for responses and the welcome. You bet I'll be searching the fourm alot and will have lots of questions.
I just got into Geocaching a month or so ago and plan on picking the program up in a day or so.
I also use S&T to make maps for the 3-day breast cancer event here in San Diego. It's that time of year, event is next month.
Thanks again!!

If you read an 'old' route in 2010 and then save it, it will be converted to the newer format and will not then be readable using the 'old' version of S&T in which it was created.

If this would be a problem, you may want to think about running both S&T 2007 AND S&T 2010 on your computer. I found that I could install 2010 without writing over 2007 if I chose to do the installation into a completely different folder.

2010 is better than 2007 (IMHO) but there might be reasons to preserve a route in the 'old' format. For instance, if you are sharing it with others who does not have 2010, you don't want to send them an EST file they won't be able to open.

It might get confusing, however, to be able to run both versions on the same computer although they are easily distinguishable on the screen.
I went and got what I thought was the 2010 version as there was no dates on the box. and it looked like the boxe online. Now I have taken a closer look at the boxes online and the 2009 and 2010 looks exactly the same.
I went to install it and I am getting a box for the 'wizard to guide' me through the '2009' version.
how does one tell if someone switch the cd's in the box, or if I bought the 2009 version.

I'm bothered now if the sales person gave me the 2009 after asking for the 2010 especially since it cost $70

doh looked at receipt and it states 2009. Darn them, LOL

how does one tell it is 2010?
and being it is the same cost, should I take it back and try and find the 2010 as this was the very last box with gps locater at this particular store.
Can I assume, if I use install this 2009, it will NOT read the 2010?

I just spoke to a sales rep she has a box withOUT GPS that states on a sticker "has new 2010 maps..." I may have to get that one without the GPS due to the fact that she is allowing the return/exchange.
So where does one get a GPS, and which GPS for the USB/Laptop?
I was looking forward to using it with geocaching.

man I really needed this installed this weekend. I've got maps to make for the breast cancer 3-day for all of us volunteers that crew the route
In view of the emergency nature of your situation, I recommend you go on to the Microsoft site and download a trial version of 2010. It is full featured and will be good for 60 days. If the box you bought comes with a GPS receiver, you can use that with 2010 (or any version).

That will give you time to sort out your problem with the 2009 version.

Good luck!
Thanks, I did download from the web and will exchange the one I got for the only copy of 2010 without GPS receiver that they have left at the store. Will I be able to just buy the receiver now, somewhere?
Mahalo nui loa Ken,
I downloaded it and now have a new problem, lol. I opened up the program, pulled up one of my saved files from version 2004. I was trying out the search feature on an address in my route (3545 Del Mar Heights RD). You can see in the search box, top left, highlighted in blue where I typed it in. It sure enough came up with the address location...

but now it has added the address in the boxes for most of all my push pin boxes. Am currently in search mode for forum help as to why this occurred and now how to remove it from my text boxes.
I've attached a 'print screen' so you can see what I mean.
Is there a forum just for MS S&T 2010, so that I don't over load your Laptop GPS World, since I am assuming this had nothing to do with the GPS stuff.
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Hi Kathlene,

Regarding the forum. There may be others but this one is the best. There are 1000's of people here who use S&T and love to help others and share information. Keep your questions coming.

Now, how the heck did you get your searched address added to all the puphpin balloons? That is very odd. Can you open up the 2004 file again and reproduce the behavior?

Ken in Regina

When Larry says: "...reproduce the behaviour" he means can you please see if you can make it happen again AND take notes of each step so you can take us step by step through what you did to get it that way. It may be a genuine bug you have uncovered or it may be that you got a wrong step that we can help correct.

For instance, is it possible that you had your pushpin set selected at the time you accepted the search results?

Thanks for the interpretation/translation Ken!
Pending Kathlene's response, I guess that she first imported some addresses from a spreadsheet or something. Note that all except for one of the flags (the one with her address) has a specific title. Then, she created a route from the pushpin set. You can see a Stop or two and a fragment of a blue route line under the forest of flags. Finally, she did a search for the highlighted address and made that a pushpin, too. That pushpin does not seem to be tied into the route but it is impossible to tell at this zoom level.

Kathlene needs to zoom in to a level that you can separate the pushpin flags enough so that you can see what is going on with the route. She may just need to add this new pushpin with its searched-for address to the route.

I don't think there is a bug in the program.
Whew! That is a relief. I was thinking the forum was only dedicated to gps. I will be so pleased to have all your help. And so will the breast cancer crew. They are counting on me.
I am on lunch, on my Iphone so I will check it out when I get home. Things I remember....
I opened 2004 file in 2010. It looked perfect. I saw search in top left. Thought ah-ha check that out, let's see if it will zoom in to show me that stop.
What it did was bring up a box with push pin to the right blocks/miles from the route.
So I deleted it. Then wondering what the heck search was for.
I then noticed the address in all the boxes. I gave up and posted here.
A day after I opened file again. Went to deleted it out of some boxes and it won't delete or backspace.
When I get home. I'll zoom and attach some more pic and also try to duplicate it.
One more quick question... Boyfriend brought home 2010 version w/o gps. Can I purchase the receiver and still use this. Or do I have to buy a box that states gps on it?

Thanks again!!!!!!!
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