Reading old version files in new version of Microsoft Streets and Trips
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Boyfriend brought home 2010 version w/o gps. Can I purchase the receiver and still use this...

Yes, you can separately purchase a GPS receiver that will work with 2010. However, it must receive at 4800 bps (not 9600) so just be a little careful when buying.

Nonetheless, it might be easier to return the one he brought home and exchange it for a unit with the GPS receiver included, if the vendor has it in stock, rather than tracking down a separate GPS which you probably will have to source on the internet.
Kathlene, another thing you might consider doing is to attach the file to a posting here.

In that way, we can look at what is going on and perhaps come up with a solution.
Ken in Regina
Kathlene, if you do attach a file, as SpadesFlush requested, please make it the 2004 file. I have 2010 installed but I don't have an old file that I can test with. I didn't even look at Streets&Trips until the 2008 version.

I'm hoooooome, LOL

I made a 2ndCopy of the original file so as not to mess up the orginal...
Opened 2010
browsed for 2004 2nd copy version > opened
Caution window came up: The file was created with an older version of the map. Before you can open this file, your records must be matched to the updated map. Click ok to match the records and open the file > I clicked ok.
The file opened and looks like the 1st copy that I spoke about earlier with the address in all the boxes.

I opened up 2004 program and tried to open original file and it looks fine.

I opened it up again in 2010, got the warning> click ok, got address in the all the boxes again.
I'm going to go mess with another older file and see if I can duplicate the problem. as it stands now, I can't cause when I open it in 2010 the addresses are in the box. I'll go open up another day of the route. There are 3 days, and the problem one is day 1

I'll attach the original and copy of the files.

I've attached day 2 also, I haven't done or tried anything. I thought I would just attach a fresh file straight from the folder that has'nt been opened up in a couple of yrs, should be from 2004 version.

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File Type: est sgk2005Day1.est (205.0 KB)
File Type: est 2ndCopy of sgk2005Day1_test.est (205.0 KB)
File Type: est sgk2005Day2.est (212.5 KB)
oh...the 2005 you see in the file names is the year the maps were made for year the event was held. It is not the program version year.
Tried to duplicate with day 2, was unable to get same results. So who knows what I did the first time. But I don't remember trying anything out besides looking around the new program. and typing that address in the search pane
What was meant when it might have been possible that I had created from a "push pin set"
hmm...I remember something about push pin set, asking me if I wanted to...?, but that was way after this happened. I did this mistake I am most sure right after I opened the program up and was checking it out.
I looked around again, and I'm thinking I may have seen that push pin question when I tried file > new> import data wizard????
But then again, who knows what this old woman did, LOL.

any ways, my actions on dulication were:
opened 2010> day 2> warning to match> clicked ok
typed "sunset cliffs blvd" in search box > results were a pushpin on road with text box, no problem anywhere else.
>deleted push pin >closed program >save changes > clicked no.
Opened up in 2004 version... all ok.
Kathlene, I have looked at your route map in 2010 and I have the following observations.

First, I think it is a splendid use of Streets and Trips; your use of different pushpin styles is clear and instructive; well done!

But now, I am not sure what the problem is. From what you write, S&T worked the way it should have.

When you do a search for a specific address as you did, S&T will always create a pushpin for that address and that will be in your "My Pushpins" set which is what happened in your case. If you already have a set called "My Pushpins" but it is hidden (which is not the case on your map), it will create a new set called "My pushpins 2". You have a few choices. You can hide the information flag by right-clicking on the pushpin and selecting "Show Information." Note that if it is already showing the information, it will toggle the information off and vice versa. Is that what you are trying to do? Or you can hide the entire new pushpin set, if one has been created. If you don't want the new pushpin added to an existing pushpin set, you must "hide" the old pushpin set so that it creates a new set for the new pushpin.

All this hiding and unhiding of pushpin sets is new in 2010, so it takes a little getting used to. But it is a very powerful tool to achieve things not previously possible. Even if you create a new pushpin in a set where you don't want it to be, you can cut it out of that set and paste it into a new set.

So, you can have that new address on the map without messing up the route you previously created. You can hide the flag for that pushpin or hide the flags for all the pushpins that you create in the new set.
Ken in Regina
Okay, two things.

First, the "1st copy..." file you attached is not your original 2004 file. It has been saved out of 2010. I know this because I can open it directly in 2010.

The "2nd copy..." file is definitely an older version file. When I open it it gives me the popup window about needing to match everything before it can proceed.

Which brings me to the second issue ... the problem is with the matching.

The spurious address is not in every info balloon .. only in some.

Streets&Trips has the nasty habit (at least since my first experience with it in 2008 version) of not telling you when it can't match an address. It just automatically does something stupid with it without any warning.

For instance, I once imported a bunch of addresses (about thirty-six) in my city from an Excel spreadsheet. There were about a dozen it couldn't match but there was no warning. The only reason I caught it was because it stuck all twelve of those pushpins in the same spot .. on the spot it associates with the city. Stupid thing did what it thought was the best match possible .. the city name .. instead of telling me it couldn't match the address.

Anyway, it seems clear that there is something going on with the matching when it brings the old file in. The spurious address does not appear in all of the pushpin information balloons; only in some of them. And it appears there without having to do a search. In the first incident you probably didn't notice the spurious address until after you did that search. Or you did the search to find out why it was in some of those information balloons? I'm only speculating.

In any case, it's not necessary to do a search. It's happening as part of the matching process when it brings the old file in. When I bring the "2nd copy..." file in, it adds "3545 Del Mar Heights Rd, San Diego, CA 92130" to a bunch of the info balloons (I did NOT do any searching). I'm guessing that's a legitimate address of one of the pushpins that it's not matching correctly. But it's just a guess. I'm not experienced enough with Streets&Trips to know where to look next to verify it was a bad match.

It looks pretty clear at this point that it's nothing you did.

Oh yeah, if you click on the steering wheel icon to get directions, they look okay so you shouldn't need to do anything to make the files usable if it's the directions that you care about. They should print out just fine.

If you need to print copies of the map(s) with that nice bold route line and the Post numbers, just click DATA, Data Set Properties and click "Hide...". That will make all those balloons go away so you can print the map. The blue route line is still there. The yellow boxes with the post numbers are there and the boxes with the black borders and red text (eg. "Cheering station", etc) all still show up.

Ken in Regina
I checked the "Matching" tab in the Data Set Properties window. It shows there are 57 items in the imported pushpin set and shows them all as "Matched by hand".

I'm guessing that means that all of the items from the old file had location coordinates associated with them rather than addresses (possibly because they were all originally placed by hand in the old file??).

So maybe 2010 feels compelled to fill in addresses even though there weren't any addresses in the original set from the old file? And who knows where it's going to grab that address from.

By the way, when I said in my previous post that the address doesn't show up in all the information balloons I was wrong. I'm not entirely familiar with Streets&Trips terminology (I'm mostly a Garmin user) or some of its operating conventions. Here's what actually happens:

When I click on the directions icon in the toolbar and click on one of the directions, another one-line "information balloon" pops onto the map with the actual direction in it, just like the pushpin info balloon except only one line and no address. It does that for every direction in the list. That fooled me into thinking that only some of the pushpin info balloons had that spurious address. Sorry about that...

I'm leaning towards some sort of anomaly in Streets 2010 that's being exposed in the matching routine because your original data was placed by hand rather than using addresses. But just a guess. I am positive, however, that it's nothing you did.

hmm I thought I responded last night, but don't see file i uploaded.

(possibly because they were all originally placed by hand in the old file??).

yes they were.

we don't use the written directions, many volunteers are from out of town so they need the maps so they can see streets and get their bearings.
We also need the flag/text boxes, it contains quick reference to what is at or need at each stop. I zoom and copy the picture into paint shop pro to create jpg files to print and all they pages are placed into a binder for each member. I'll attach a jpg for ya
Were you able to delete that address out of any of the boxes? I wasn't
Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again?

again, thank you alll soooooooooooo much!
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Originally Posted by kathlene

Were you able to delete that address out of any of the boxes? I wasn't
Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening again?

I can only think of one way to delete the addresses out of the flag boxes: go to each one individually (yes, I know there are 57), right-click on it, and then click on Show name. In that way, the flag will show only the name.
P. S. If you want to have the descriptive stuff that is under the address in the pushpin flag visible, you will have to cut and paste it from where it is to the top line of the flag name.
P. P. S. If you don't like having the yellow Stop box with its number in close proximity to your pushpin (I would find that to be understandable), just drag the Stop one way or the other along the route to a point where it does not interfere with your pushpin or the name flag which will stay where you placed it. The Stop waypoint will be irrelevant to your audience.
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! (mahalo nui loa!)
FYI, I went to Best Buy today to exchange for the GPS receiver version. The salesperson said I can only get at the online store.
As I was walking away another customer stopped me and offered to give me his receiver as he doesn't use it any more. He thought it was in his car, but it wasn't so he is mailing it to me today. Is that nice of him or what!!! I had to pushed money on him to at least pay for the shipping.
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