Show full screen navigation with driving guidance?
RE: Microsoft Streets and Trips 2008
I have found the referenced titled option and tried it (selected/de-selected) and researched it in Help and here on the forum. However, it is not clear to me what it is or how it works. Here's where it is:
  • Tools
  • Options
  • GPS/Navigation
  • -Navigation Screen
  • -- Show full screen navigation with driving guidance

I do know about driving guidance and use it all the time, so I am confused. It's not the first time... Thank you for your help in clearing the fog

Hi T1dunn,

You first need a GPS signal and a route before the software will allow you to go into the full screen nav mode. It is a view designed to be used while navigating rather than just exploring the map and trip planning.

If you have 'Provide Driving Guidance' checked, you can put the program in full screen mode for navigation.

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Thank you for the replies and clarification. It appears that I have been accessing this function through the GPS pane all along. This is just another other means of access, i.e. through Tools(?).
Marvin Hlavac
t1dunn, yet another way to toggle on/off the full-screen navigation mode in Streets & Trips is by using the built-in keyboard shortcut F11 (my favorite).
You are right, Marvin, it is a great tool... I use it all the time... Thanks!
Terry, great job with the screen shots with instructional drawings!
I have discovered the function of the option described in my opening to this thread. By checking "Show full screen navigation with driving guidance ", the Full Screen Navigation Page will launch automatically (and immediately) when the GPS is activated on the GPS Screen. I do not like this function, because, if there are any other customizations that I want to do on the GPS Screen before moving on, I do not have that opportunity. I would have to F11 out first, back to the GPS Screen. So, I have turned this function off and will F11 to the Full Screen Nav Page when I am ready to get on the road.

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