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Welcome to our new Odyssey Navigator forum
Marvin Hlavac
Welcome to our new Odyssey Navigator forum!

Today we are launching a new forum section for Odyssey Navigator, a PC GPS navigation software distributed by TWIG Solutions (www.twig.com.au) in Australia.

The software has been known among users in Australia, but we just found out about it very recently. Terry, Ken and I are the very first people to actually have the opportunity to test the product with the North American map data.

Mal (a.k.a. Malster) of TWIG Solutions has become a member of Laptop GPS World, and we are looking forward to his participation.

People who have used Odyssey Navigator are encouraged to share with us their feedback, and others are most welcome to ask questions.

See you all in the new Odyssey Navigator forum.
Hi Marvin,
Thank-you for allowing me to participate in the forum and hopefully help and users out with answers to queries and problems.
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