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Good advice Ken. I was a cop for 30yrs and investigated a few projectile type accidents. Several had serious injuries, including pets launched from the rear seat. The worst for pets seemed to be launching from the back of a pickup truck.
I had one where the lady was taking the weeks receipts to the bank. Thousands of dollars in cash from the back seat into the front and a lot out the drivers window.
Ken in Regina
Hi Karen,

Yes, as edh said, animals are another risk to become projectiles. You wouldn't stand a chance against that 80lb puppy of yours and his drinkin' paraphernalia wouldn't be very friendly on the back of your noggin either. Of course even if he misses you he's gonna dislike his sudden encounter with the windshield.

Backstory: In a previous chapter, I taught motorcycle training for over a decade as a volunteer for the Safety Council here. The last few years I was running the program for the entire province and sat on the board of directors. So I got to see lots of the issues and stats in the Traffic Safety side of the business.

Unsecured items are a significant source of injuries and death in accidents where the human occupants might otherwise have come through in much better shape than they did.
I have a small SUV (Dodge Nitro) and I know I always have a few projectiles in the back. I often think I should get rid of some like the water jug! SUV's just seem to accumulate "necessary" stuff! I live in Montana and I see all sorts of crazy dog "situations" which look awfully dangerous. I especially don't like seeing dogs in the back of flat-bed trucks!
Wow! Deja vu all over again! I have an F250 crew cab truck and an 80lb GSD who also owns the back seat. I 'try' to keep projectiles down with one of those bungee-type cargo nets stretched between hanger-hooks, handholds, whatever I can attach to. Works pretty good.
Projectiles are also very deadly to folks in other vehicles. One of the Lethal Weapon shows has a scene where a satelite antena launches from a van into another vehicle. I think of this whenever I see a truck like a half ton carrying a spare tire strapped to the top of the truck cab.
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