iGo - Will there be a PC version?
Marvin Hlavac
Recently I've read about an iGo version being available for Windows XP / Vista. However, there is nothing mentioned about a PC version at the Nav N Go website. I contacted the company to find out if in fact they have a version for Laptop PC, TabletPC and UMPC users. Unfortunately, their reply is that they do not have a PC version, and they do not intend to make a PC version.

iGo is an excellent GPS navigation software program, but it only is available for PocketPCs and PNDs.
Nav N Go is an OEM shop and does not sell its own software to the public. If a customer, such as Microsoft, wanted a PC version Nav N Go would probably provide them one for a fee, but would never sell the product all by itself.
I have the PC version of iGo My Way 8 fully functional. About