Delorme Street Atlas 2010 with LT-40 and Amtrak
Hello Everyone!

First post here.. Just a couple prep questions.

I want to prepare my software for rail travel. There are a ton of settings and I'm a bit overwhelmed. Suggestions please.. Also will the included GPS receiver work well enough in the "room"? My wife and I are staying in a roomette (first time rail travelers too) so just attach the receiver to the window? We are traveling to Chicago via Dallas so it will be about 25 hours according to Amtrak, with 27 station stops.

Any and ALL feedback please.. on or off topic!!!
Marvin Hlavac
Hi flamastr,

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My guess is that if the receiver is close to the window, it will likely work well. PetalumaLoco would be able to share much more about GPS and trains, though. Check out one of his threads: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/1126-streets-trips-gps-tracking-amtrak
If you haven't planned a route, I think it should follow the railroad track ok. Just in case, I would uncheck 'Snap to Route' in the Options - GPS tab. You should make sure GPS log is on so You can look at it later. Breadcrumb trail would be interesting too.

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Should work fine. I use Streets and Trips, but I know of others that use Delorme with good results.

You might ask over at Amtrak Unlimited for personal experience with the Delorme
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Thank you all... I'm sorry I haven't responded faster but I just stopped getting reply emails from the website all of the sudden!

I'm really excited about this trip! I have been using my software in my car trying to understand everything. I was very surprised of the sensitivity of the receiver/software. It logs and displays even lane changes on 2 lane high ways, pretty interesting. I will implement everyones suggestions.
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