Enhanced driving directions using rename stops
In prior versions of Microsoft Streets and Trips you could create driving directions for others to follow, but those instructions were always in Streets-and-Trips-ese, which may not be user-friendly to the uninitiated. Now, with the new Streets & Trips 2010, you can insert via Rename Stop much more detailed and useful instructions.

Let's say you are sending instructions to someone to find their way from the airport to your home, something you know very well but they don't. You can now insert Stops along the way with things to look out for that will give the recipient visual markers.

  • For instance, the directions you send could read
  1. At Ford Dealership on right, exit interstate...
  2. At Shell Station on left-hand corner, ...
  3. At Burned-out car on cement blocks, ...
  4. At Pink House with the Winebago in the driveway...
  • If you create Stops that were renamed
  1. Ford Dealership on right
  2. Shell Station on left-hand corner
  3. Burned-out car on cement blocks
  4. Pink House with the Winebago in the driveway
Marvin Hlavac
Thanks, SpadesFlush! Added to Tips & Tricks for Streets & Trips.
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