Level of Detail for Back Roads in Microsoft Streets & Trips
I am a fulltime RVer looking to purchase a laptop trip program and I am 90% sure Microsoft Streets & Trips is the program I will purchase. I will also purchase a third party USB GPS receiver. The question I have is, what is the level of detail that MSS&T has for back roads.

I frequently travel on Forest Service, BLM, and other back roads. These roads are frequently found on Google Maps. As an aside, I was saddened to learn Google has changed its map info provider.

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Any screenshots would be appreciated.
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Streets & Trips uses NavTeq data which is about as good as it gets. I would recommend downloading a 60 day free trial of S&T 2010 and explore some of these Forest service, BLM or other back roads to see if the level of detail meets your needs.

Many of us on the forum have S&T 2010 installed so if you'd give us an address or location coordinates we could provide screenshots.

Larry thanks for the information and suggestion. Since NavTeq was doing the Google map data, I would presume the information should be very similar if not the same. I will cross my fingers.

I am currently located just north of Ojai, CA in the Wheeler Ridge National Park Campground on hwy 33. I am now fairly familar with the area and would appreciate any screenshot anyone would like to send of the Ojai/Santa Paula, CA area. Just send it to my email at tj1jones at Gmail.com.

Thanks again,

Larry thanks for the information and suggestion. Since NavTeq was doing the Google map data
It was true before, but not anymore. Google is not using Navteq data anymore but Tele Altas. So the result when compare to S&T maps could be different. My own experience shows that Navteq maps are more accurate (S&T) than what google is providing now...

Hope MS will stay with Navteq...
Marvin Hlavac
MisterMoonilight, started a week ago, Google Maps no longer uses even Teleatlas (in U.S.), but instead Google now only uses it's own data combined with free data. The quality will likely suffer even more.

Tony, here's a screen shot. It is rather large (3,500 pixels by 3,500 pixels), so you may need to disable automatic re-sizing in your web browser.

Marvin, thanks for the screenshot on the Ojai area. You gave me the information I need.

I will be purchasing the Streets & Trips software and USB GPS device.

Thanks again,

Mandolin Guy
If I remember correctly, S&T also has a few unnamed streets mapped. These are frequently fire roads, Forest Service roads, etc. In some cases, they may be access roads that were cut for logging, etc., and were later adopted by the residents as "short cuts" or access roads to hunting areas.
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