Bluetooth GPS setup on netbook / laptop
Dave Doom
Bluetooth GPS setup on netbook / laptop

I am a noob with GPS and Bluetooth and did no see much info here directing the setup of Bluetooth and GPS. If it was mentioned then I am sorry for this thread.

I hope everyone can post setup procedures for Bluetooth here so people would not have to search and search for needed info.

My situation: New Asus netbook with Bluetooth that was never used.
A right click on the Bluetooth icon would not bring up the needed options to sync the GPS device.
  1. Went to the Asus web page and downloaded the Bluetooth upgrade files.
  2. Installed the new update and rebooted netbook.
  3. Now I could configure the Bluetooth as when you right click you should have the option "Bluetooth configuration".
  4. Ran the Bluetooth config and entered name of the netbook and type.
  5. The Bluetooth virtual comport was installed which is needed for the software program to see the GPS.
  6. Now you should have "My Bluetooth Places icon.
  7. Open your map software such as Microsoft Streets & Trips and config the powered on GPS.
I know I have missed some steps here so I hope the grand pooba admin can fill in some of the blanks for you.
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