How to customize map opening in Microsoft Streets and Trips
on the road again
I cannot, for the life of me, find the thread which dealt with how to get the map to open to a specific location. I would like to change the location at which my Microsoft Streets and Trips map is currently opening.


You can get the map zoomed in exactly how you want it and open whatever pane you want open (or maybe no pane) and then go to Tools -> Options and click on the Map tab.

At the bottom are 3 options:
1. Use default settings (how it works in pre-2010 versions)
2. Save upon close (opens where you left off last time you viewing the map)
3. Save current settings (allows you to save a specific view as your default/opening view)

Try option 3 and see if you don't get what you are looking for.

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on the road again
Thanks Larry. I downloaded the trial version of Streets and Trips 2010 overnight. It sounds like it has some of the features that I am looking for to customize my map(s). Will play around today.

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