Is there a trial version of Mapfactor PC Navigator?
Where is the trial version for Mapfactor PC Navigator?
Debra Niccum
i would like a trial version please
of this current navagator series
Marvin Hlavac
I'm afraid there isn't a trial version of this product available. Most navigation software products don't have a trial, and there only are few exceptions.
Try here

Navigator Free | mapFactor, s.r.o. ( not sure how up to date maps are)

Ken in Regina
Good link, Keith!!

Some OpenStreetMaps are excellent. Some not so much. But the price is sure right. Regardless how good the maps are, you get a chance to try PC Navigator for free and that seems the more important thing.

Thanks for the pointer.

You are most welcome
Marvin Hlavac
kaybee327, welcome to the forum. This is indeed very good news. It must be something that they are just launching right now, as I received email about it from Directions LTD only moments ago: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3867-pc-navigator-free
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