Cannot find shopping malls in Microsoft Streets and Trips!
Anyone else find it hard to get results finding shopping malls? I'm using Microsoft Streets and Trips 2010 edition. And I'm located in the Maritime Provinces. I was in Halifax and Fredericton this weekend and I could not find my way to malls without getting a street name from local people.

Thanks for any assistance


I'm thinking you must not have the "shopping" category checked in Find Nearby Places?
I just did a test around Halifax and got 16 malls, shopping centres, and plazas.

Quinpool Centre
Park Lane Mall
Spring Garden Place
Scotia Square Mall
Barrington Place Shops
West End Mall
Halifax Shopping Centre
Dartmouth Shopping Centre
South Centre Mall
Mic Mac Mall
Thanks for the info Larry. Info comes up for Halifax now, but still no dice for Fredericton. Any video's out there for learning this software to take full advantage of it ?
There are a number of them on YouTube by someone called SandorLau and others . You can get the starting one by going to YouTube.com and searching "Streets & Trips Tutorial"

These are made for S&T 2009 but should be a good place to learn the program.
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...Any video's out there for learning this software to take full advantage of it ?
If you are into Sales then check this out,


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Still 5 spots left in the free training offer! If you're friends with anyone in sales - give 'em a holler and let them know about this offer. They'll thank you for it!
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