iGuidance 2009, slowly but surely!
It's taking a while, but we are getting there. iGuidance 2009 Laptop & UMPC/Car PC version is currently going through stage 1 beta testing with official release ETA around 3rd or 4th week of July. New features worthy of the wait will include the following:

1. New Navteq 2008 map!!
2. Updated button colors and icons
3. New graphic engine (smoother lines & better 3D performance)
4. 3D realistic junction view (where available & provided by Navteq)
5. Traffic pattern (incl ETA & ETD calculation based on historic traffic for accuracy improvement)
6. Pedestrian mode (for street walking)
7. On-screen help for option menus
8. POI lookup by distance w/ 3 options: 5, 10, or 25 miles
9. Add'l safety features (emergency, school zone alert, etc)

We will begin accepting pre-orders on July 3, 2008 on our website. List price for iGuidance 2009 Laptop & UMPC/Car PC version is $99. Please also note that iGuidance 2009 Laptop & UMPC/Car PC version will now be sold separately from Pocket PC version (ETA: end of August 2008)

We will be posting add'l information and screenshots on our website as we progress. Thank you very much for your patience and stay tuned!
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Marvin Hlavac
inav, thanks for the good news about the upcoming iGuidance 2009.

* I've tried the "Traffic Pattern" feature about a year ago in one of your portable GPS units. I'm looking forward to this functionality on my laptop.

* The new and improved POI look-up seems like something that should have been in iGuidance long ago .

* I'm looking forward to seeing the new "3D realistic junction view", but in the meantime I wonder if Navteq has this data even for Canada. Soon we shell see.
Thank You for the exciting news! I'm happy a new iGuidance 2009 with updated map and new features is coming soon.
Looking at the picture it looks like iGuidance 2009 features lane guidance. Is this true. If so I will order now.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, it's true, but this is limited to areas where such data is available:

3D realistic junction view (where available & provided by Navteq)
I haven't yet seen Beta 1, but I will likely have Beta 2 available soon. If iNav allows me to, I will look at all the details, and post everything here at Laptop GPS World.
I pre-ordered iGuidance 2009. The cost for current customers $79.00 for the Upgrade DVD plus shipping costs. I picked standard shipping at a cost of $7.00
ETA week of July 28, 2008.
Über Cool
If you recently purchased v4 Nav. iNav will allow you to upgrade to iguidance 2009 free, you only have to pay shipping & handling charge, for me it will $13.00. I pre ordered this morning, they sent me a e-mail saying I was eligble for free upgrade. This is only for registered customers. I pasted e-mail from iNav.

Hi Jeffrey:
Will your iGuidance 2009 pre order be used as a gift or for yourself? Your v4 order dated back in May is eligble for an exchange offer to v2009 free of charge plus $13 USD to cover shipping/handling. Thus, if it's for your own use, you do not need to pay the full $79. And an email will be sent out later to all registered customers about the free exchange offer once the version is officially released. For s/h payment, you may submit the pmt either via paypal or postal mail. All of this info will be posted on our website end of next week.
I assume that this iGuidance 2009 will work with my GPS antenna that came with my MS Streets and Trips?
One question from me:

Does it handle importing our own POI's? If not, I won't even bother.
Marvin Hlavac
Alan_, I'm looking forward to reading your first impressions when you receive your iGuidance 2009

Mister, yes, I agree, Über Cool

mccd7618, $0 (zero) + shipping/handling is a good price

codeye, yes, your GPS receiver will work just fine with iGuidance 2009

malaki86, that feature was not mentioned by inav in the above list, but I will double-check on it as soon as I can
Is there a list of what cities are included in the 3D junction view?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi sebberry,

I don't have the list, I only have the following quote:

Please note that Navteq only has about 3000 of these fwy junction views throughout N. America at this time. Therefore, customers will not see this view at each junction but only where available and provided by Navteq data.
I would also like to add a set of personal POI's as well. Also, will the informational windows, ETA, ETE, DIST, and Speed be resizable?
Originally Posted by smitty240
I would also like to add a set of personal POI's as well. Also, will the informational windows, ETA, ETE, DIST, and Speed be resizable?
Resizing the info would be invaluable.
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