Street Atlas 2010 for old users...
I know most every shortcut and button in DeLorme Street Atlas. I assign my own hotkeys... I've used it for 4+ years.
The new version has a new interface to make it more user friendly to newbe's.
That's all well and good, but that function is really starting to get in the way of me using the program. I don't know if there are bugs that have to be worked out but the little orange tabs on the top right hand corner are actually confusing to me, so I turned them off. BUT, for no real reason the easy to use E-A Nav route wizard will sometimes pop up right in the middle of a route... and naturally when I'm looking for a turn. Is it just me or are gremlins helping?

I solved that problem by going back to 2009. I think the folks at DeLorme spent their time changing the software rather than adding new streets. I'm bumfuzzled that a street that has been in my area for years is still missing (lots of potholes in the road already) And, it is surrounded by new and 3 year old subdivisions, just west of Hwy 288 and off of Orem Drive. That is just one of many areas that I expected to finally find streets drawn and listed.

Heads up Delorme.

I still think you have the best product out there, but it is a shame that I have to supplement it with Microsoft Streets and Trips to find locations! As for S&T I still don't use it enough to review it, but thank the good Lord that I do have it on my hard drive for locating newer addresses.

Houston, Texas area
Marvin Hlavac
Ron, I think it is often the case with new versions of software that a new version tends to be more intuitive for first time users , but frustrating at times when an old time user cannot immediately see the old feature where it used to be . There probable is not an easy way to avoid this .

I haven't experienced the issue you've described, but perhaps I haven't used Street Atlas 2010 as much as you have.
You may be right, but I've faithfully updated Streets Atlas for the last 3 or 4 years the very day it came out, and the program has always been solid as a rock.
But, with 2010, it won't save my assigned "F" button changes from one day to the next. It wakes up in its default state every day.
I still have it loaded on all but one of my computers, but have set up my desk top icons to open 2009. SA 2009 is solid as a rock.
I've had so many problems with SA2010.. and I use her in the field, all day every day. I keep trying to go back to 2010 and give it another chance, but never when I need solid preformance to get to a customer location on time.
I don't have time or the patience to re-assign zoom in / zoom out to F11 and F12 buttons every morning. I use that feature the most and I've got to have one button controll. Also, I can't handle it changing views... in critical traffic areas, and I'm not just talking about zooming in and out.. I have that stopped in setup, but it changes modes!! I've got this program on 2 computers and 2 different operating systems. 2010 will not 'stay put' on any of the systems, and 2009 always stays solid as a rock.
Hey Delorme. I love you guys, and your product. I can't live without you, but currently I've got to use 2009 to get the job done. Hopefully I'll see an update in the upload area when I boot 2010 up one of these days and that would be just dandy... but for now, I've got to use 2009 to navigate and Microsoft Streets and Trips to find the addresses that SA gets me to.
Sorry I can't be more positive about SA2010 guys, and needless to say this is just MHO.
Again, thank you Laptop GPS World for being here. I'm still picking up tones of new info from everyone.
Ron, Houston, Texas
Ken in Regina

Have you tried downloading and installing the Service Pack 1 patch in this thread:


Ken, I'll try it now. Thanks
I'm a newbie user and I don't find anything intuitive about the program. See my other post on the review of Atlas 2010, if the moderator allows it. E-Z Nav pops up in the middle of my routing or of building a route as well, especially when I make changes to the GPS configuration in an attempt to get the software to work better.
Any recommendations for software I can load that will let me step off a plane, turn on my tablet with internal gps and start navigating without having to look at Salt Lake City, reconfigure the GPS or build the route?
Most GPS receivers can find their new position within a couple of minutes. If you need to plan the route from where the plane lands but ahead of time Street Atlas and Streets & Trips can do that. Garmin Mobile PC and iGuidance prefer you to plan routes from where you physically are when you plan them.

Thanks. I prefer not to have to prepare my routes in advance, since they often change upon arrival. That's what I don't like about DeLorme Street Atlas 2010- it doesn't find the gps quickly and then doesn't find itself quickly, I have to plan the route ahead and save it to cut down on time in the rental car, getting the program to respond to my inputs, and I always have to start out looking at Salt Lake City (not a favorite city). I'll check out Garmin MobilePC and iGuidance. Thank you.
Maybe I phrased that incorrectly. If you don't plan your trips in advance, any one of the programs can start from where you are. I do find SA a little slow for start up but S&T is pretty quick these days.

The problem of not finding itself is usually related to the GPS you are using. The built in should be moderately fast but an external one will usually be faster as it can have a better sky view and cleaner environment, interference-wise, away from the laptop.

However, for quick trips from where you are to somewhere else, Mobile PC and iGuidance are the winners.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi fittzwing, welcome to the forums. Yeah, DeLorme is an overkill if you have no use for elaborate trip planning.

Unfortunately for Street Atlas, I have an aviation map program on the same tablet. It finds the GPS immediately and the internal GPS even works on the bottom floor of my house. I can get off a plane, turn that program on and immediately see where I am on the sectional aviation chart (doesn't help for navigating roads, unfortunately). That only heightens my frustration with Street Atlas because the contrast is so marked.

I'm no programmer, but I can't figure out why you can't have the powerful functionality of Street Atlas and have a user-friendly interface that fully emulates the ease of TomTom or Nuvi (cause E-Z Nav isn't cutting the mustard).
Sorry, I have not visited in quite a while... but I still use Street Atlas 2009. I gave the 2010 Version to my friend who was still running 2006 and he does like the new interface. However, I'm an old dog and like 2009 and use it every day. But folks, I just got an iphone 6 months ago, and it has just about replaced even Street Atlas for me. If I know where I'm going in advance, I send the GPS map address via Google maps to my phone and can punch it up in a heartbeat when I need it. I still need Street Atlas to be able to draw in the new streets that I am forever finding, and Google usually doesn't have those drawn yet either.

Maybe I'm an old dog with Street Atlas and the Microsoft Streets and Trips product, but a new dog with the phone!
Regards everyone,
Ron, I'm with you. I'm just starting a trip and I am having a hard time using Street Atlas 2010. Maybe I will figure it out as the trip goes on. I haven't figured out how to turn the "trail" off, the magnification keeps changing to 200% and E-Z Nav keeps poping up. Fortunately I have Streets & Trips, too.
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