Microsoft AutoRoute 2010 Announced
AutoRoute 2010

Microsoft to launch AutoRoute 2010

The last release of AutoRoute was version 2007. Microsoft has skipped AutoRoute 2008 and AutoRoute 2009. But it will launch AutoRoute 2010 on November 17, 2009.

AutoRoute is coming back?

Yes, the reappearance of Autoroute was one of the big surprises this year. The other one was an annual update of Mappoint from 2009 to 2010 -- it had previously been on a 2/3-year update cycle.

I guess someone in Microsoft product planning took a second look and realized that there were very few good competitors, especially in the UK market. Why not pick up some easy incremental revenue?

The real question is what happens in languages other than English and French. Do they sell enough copies to justify the support costs? Traditionally, Autoroute has been sold in multiple markets. Is this a full restoration, or just a partial restoration?
This is fabulous news; I can withdraw my Wishlist item.

The only bad thing about it is that the release date comes right in the middle of my next trip to Europe. I wonder if there is a way to get it a week or two earlier??
Marvin Hlavac
Great news ! I'm very curious if Microsoft has expanded the map coverage in AutoRoute 2010. A lot more new data for more European countries has been acquired by Navteq since AutoRoute 2007.

And for the European MS AutoRoute users who wish to know what they have to look forward to, please read our MS Streets and Trips 2010 review.
Pssst, hey Marvin....I just happen to have some insider information on the map coverage of AutoRoute 2010 .

The number of countries with street-level data has grown from 36 to 43.

More details posted on the S&T team blog.
Ken in Cape Breton
And from the same blog:

What Countries you ask?
Albania -- Total 1368.9km (850.6 miles)
Andorra -- Total 416.3km (258.7 miles)
Austria -- Total 199259.2km (123813.9 miles)
Belgium -- Total 113123.7km (70291.8 miles)
Bosnia and Herzegovina -- Total 1611.1km (1001.1 miles)
Bulgaria -- Total 9723.2km (6041.7 miles)
Denmark -- Total 117933.9km (73280.7 miles)
Ireland -- Total 97106.6km (60339.2 miles)
Estonia -- Total 76823.1km (47735.6 miles)
Czech Republic -- Total 221284.9km (137500.0 miles)
Finland -- Total 604337.0km (375517.6 miles)
France -- Total 1273860.9km (791540.4 miles)
Gibraltar -- Total 49.3km (30.6 miles)
Guernsey -- Total 462.9km (287.7 miles)
Germany -- Total 869989.4km (540586.3 miles)
Greece -- Total 319380.8km (198454.0 miles)
Croatia -- Total 51836.9km (32210.0 miles)
Hungary -- Total 180898.1km (112404.9 miles)
Italy -- Total 713831.1km (443554.1 miles)
Jersey -- Total 2730.3km (1696.5 miles)
Latvia -- Total 98050.8km (60925.9 miles)
Lithuania -- Total 79339.8km (49299.4 miles)
Slovakia -- Total 88960.4km (55277.4 miles)
Liechtenstein -- Total 491.8km (305.6 miles)
Luxembourg -- Total 8062.2km (5009.6 miles)
Monaco -- Total 49.8km (30.9 miles)
Netherlands -- Total 147769.3km (91819.6 miles)
Norway -- Total 215132.5km (133677.1 miles)
Poland -- Total 656195.4km (407741.0 miles)
Portugal -- Total 186193.1km (115695.1 miles)
Romania -- Total 16999.7km (10563.1 miles)
Russia -- Total 414.7km (257.7 miles)
Slovenia -- Total 78433.2km (48736.1 miles)
San Marino -- Total 328.0km (203.8 miles)
Spain -- Total 811007.7km (503936.8 miles)
Sweden -- Total 535178.3km (332544.4 miles)
Switzerland -- Total 104947.8km (65211.5 miles)
United Kingdom -- Total 453113.7km (281551.8 miles)
Vatican City -- Total 11.2km (7.0 miles)
Montenegro -- Total 491.6km (305.5 miles)
Serbia -- Total 2888.0km (1794.5 miles)
Isle of Man -- Total 1182.9km (735.1 miles)
FYRO Macedonia -- Total 956.7km (594.4 miles)
Originally Posted by Ken in Cape Breton
Vatican City -- Total 11.2km (7.0 miles)
That's like 2 golf courses.
Marvin Hlavac
Great stuff !!! And re: Vatican, I can hardly believe 11 kilometers (7 miles) of roads fits into the small country . My wife and I visited Vatican a few years ago.
International English Trial files for AutoRoute 2010 are ready for downloading.

  1. Please download ALL three files listed below to a directory on your machine, making sure to put them all in the same location.
  2. Once the downloads are complete, run the setup (setup.exe) file and the installation of your AutoRoute 2010 free evaluation will begin.
  3. Note: The download files are large, so use a high-speed internet connection.
AR2010 pt1 (1.14 GB)
AR2010 pt2 (1 GB)
AR2010 setup (94 KB)

The other languages will be released over the next several weeks.

Marvin Hlavac
Larry, and what's up with the scheduled release day of November 17?

I'm not ready with my review, and you guys have decided to just launch the product?

In the middle of the day I had to drop everything I was doing just to drive 45 minutes home to start doing the review!

So here you go... I'm posting it while still under construction.


Kudos for releasing it earlier!
Blame Spadesflush.

Originally Posted by SpadesFlush
...the release date [Nov. 17th] comes right in the middle of my next trip to Europe. I wonder if there is a way to get it a week or two earlier??
Marvin Hlavac
Cool - I just sent a quick PM to SpadesFlush so he doesn't miss it before his European trip.

I just completed the review: Microsoft AutoRoute 2010
I get blamed for everything around here, lol!

Selfishly, I look forward to trying it out later this week.

Best regards,

AutoRoute 2010 - French and German versions are now available.

Check out the AutoRoute blog for more info and to download the trial files.
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