Netbooks with built-in GPS
Besides the Dell Mini 10, I haven't really seen any other Netbooks with built-in GPS. The Asus EEE T91 supposedly has it, but I haven't really seen it for sale.

Anyone know of any other affordable (cheap) Netbooks with built-in GPS?
Marvin Hlavac
Hi schwarznavy,

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ASUS Eee PC T91 seems like more than just the regular netbook on the market today. It can be used as a laptop or as a tablet PC, and it has a touch screen. The price seems right, too.

Are all Eee PC T91 units supposed to come with a built-in GPS receiver/antenna, or is the GPS functionality optional?
NOT a notebook, but rather a ultra micro PC, I have the Viliv S5 and it has built-in GPS and works just fine. Attaches to the windscreen. Used it all day today.

But your needs might be different from mine.
Yes. I'm looking for a typical $300-500 netbook, like the Dell Mini or the HP Mini, except with an option to have a built-in GPS.

Has anyone seen one available except for the Dell Mini 10?
Marvin Hlavac
This is not exactly what you are asking, but because there still are so very few small laptops with built-in GPS receivers I would suggest to look for a netbook / laptop that meets your other needs, and then just add to it either a USB GPS receiver or a Bluetooth GPS receiver. Just a thought.
I like the idea of one built-in, but the Bluetooth GPS receiver is a good idea too. Do GPS receivers always need a line of sight to the sky (satellite), or would it be possible to have the receiver in a pocket or backpack?
Marvin Hlavac
Inside the backpack, close to the top, would be an excellent location for it. Today's GPS receivers have better sensitivity than the units of 5 years ago, so the line-of-site requirement is not so critical as it used to be. But I always try to place my GPS receiver to the best possible location available.

You will be able to place a Bluetooth GPS unit to places where you would not be able to place a netbook with a built-in GPS, so you will most likely be enjoying better GPS performance because of it.

A week ago I bought a new Qstarz BT-Q818X. It seems to perform very well, and the rechargeable battery is rated for 42 hours of continuous use. I've only charged it once, the day I got it. Since then I've been using it daily several hours. So far I haven't seen the red light that indicates low battery power.
Thank you for you replies. I've moved on to some other questions in the board.
sorry this is off-topic, but marvin, have you done a write up that i haven't seen yet on that gps model?
Marvin Hlavac
Not yet, Bob. But I will post a brief review in a new thread hopefully over the next few days. It would have been done already, but I wanted to take at least a couple of pictures and our one and only digital camera stopped working . My wife ordered a new camera, but it will will likely take another few days to arrive.

But I've been using the new GPS receiver (Qstarz BT-Q818X) daily, and I'm happy with it. I still want to do a side-by-side comparison testing with BU-353, and I will have to go downtown, among the tall buildings, to do that.
Lenovo's with the Gobi 1000 WWAN modems have GPS .... In fact about every netbook with the OEM Gobi WWAN option is capable of GPS but only Dell and Lenovo have it enabled so far in their netbooks. Basically the OEMs that use Smith Micro licensed 3G connection manager (Lenovo, Dell, Panasonic) have the abilty to turn the GPS on, while the OEM's that use the Birdstep licensed 3G connection manager (Acer, HP and ?Asus?) don't because Birdstep hasn't devoloped a GPS API. The ONLY way to enable the GPS is through a connection manager API (QCWWAN.dll), that's just the Gobi 1000 and 2000 design
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