Streets and Trips 2011, AutoRoute 2011
You nailed it exactly Marvin.
This is exactly the reason I scrapped MS S&T. I went to the trouble of ordering the 60 day trial on CD. Couldn't wait to get it installed for one of my weekly trips to the lake.

One trip was all it took trying to see the navigation window and option menus, etc. on my 9" tablet mode T91. I uninstalled it on my return to the home 20.

With my history of being wrong so often, I might reconsider at some point if MS were to improve this side of the program, or if the planning portion were to become more important to me.

I pretty much did the same. Even though I already own S & T 2009, I didn't see any reason to upgrade to 2010 since it still wouldn't do what I need it to do. Maybe this year, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
You need to turn it 90 degrees thereby shrinking the bar at the bottom. Then it becomes a little more usable.

Marvin Hlavac
... , and talking about $, this product is rather ridiculously inexpensive. As of today, I see Streets & Trips priced at only $25 (+ free shipping), and chances are, if you shop around, you may get it even for less. How can Microsoft ever make any profit on this is beyond me.
what are ya new ?

its not about making a profit...its about killing the competition...once thats
done, theyll jack the price and modularize the hell outta the product(s).
No, they do this every year and the price stays about the same. Probably getting close to end of version cycle.

Marvin Hlavac
Originally Posted by bushpilot

...its about killing the competition...
Hmm, selling the software for $25 seems to me like a very gentle way to compete on price. Others are more aggressive, and actually give away their products free (one example here: http://www.laptopgpsworld.com/3867-pc-navigator-free )
Originally Posted by xPosTech

One trip was all it took trying to see the navigation window and option menus, etc. on my 9" tablet mode T91...
While I would not say the navigation window is perfect, it can be a matter of personal preferences.

I run S&T on a 4.8" UMPC, but rotated to 270, and I find that I can live with it.
You all have good points. I think MS's history of buying up the competition and then giving it away goes back to the browser war of the last century between IE and Netscape Navigator. I say giving it away because mostly they just incorporated it into Windows.

Sometimes they let it stand on it's own, like MS S&T, Flight Sim, Money, etc. Historically, where are most of the products MS bought and didn't incorporate into Windows?

I've found MS S&T easier to use for nav off road as where Garmin topo may have the ground info nothing else. Main roads to county trail roads in S&T not in Garmin topo where every thing must be added.

All I'd like to see improved in Streets and Trips 2011 is exporting to KML format.

KML format is far more universal than the many versions of GPX.
KML and GPX are intended for different jobs.

GPX is for things like GPS waypoints. KML is map annotation - with many features only have any meaning in a 3d environment and/or with an Internet connection.

Unfortunately both formats are often used for things that they weren't designed for.

Baja Boojum
I bet we're close to hearing something about S&T 2011- look what I found today:

Microsoft Streets and Trips 2011 and MapPoint 2011 Construction Data Update:

That's really interesting! Let's hope it means something soon.
Construction data is posted almost automatically. In the past, we've seen some bugs that would've easily been caught with manual intervention.

October/November is more likely for S&T 2011, according to the "rumors" (wink, nod).
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