Streets and Trips 2011, AutoRoute 2011
Yes, "They" can play with it while "We" cannot.
Marvin Hlavac
Yes, "They" can play with it while "We" cannot.
Yes, and "they" at the RV show in Quartzsite, AZ can do a lot more than what the rest of us can do. I wish I were there to experience all the fun. Larry wrote:

Someone told me I need to go to the used bookstore in Quartzsite, AZ to see Paul the owner. When I was looking on the web for an address I saw him...pretty much all of him.
He was referring to the naked bookseller, a popular guy in Quartzsite
I guess "they" have to accept the bad with the good.
Oh Snap!!!!!!! I don't need a early trial that bad I can wait until 02/11/2011 to try it!!!
I do not understand why if they can hand out the trial version at Quartzsite they cannot place a download on the Internet? Sure a Gigabyte is a large download, but I have all night and a blank DVD.
Marvin Hlavac
It's possible they have scheduled the product for the release at a certain date in a week or two, but they've made an exception to give away a few pre-release copies at the show this weekend. Just a guess.
We got a box of trial versions just in the nick of time about an hour before we presented our GPS Navigation Seminar at the FMCA SEA Rally in Brooksville Friday.
Loaded it on a couple of our laptops and distributed 150+ disks to happy attendees.
Rally is over. Now we'll have a bit of time to evaluate.
Thanks, Larry!
Microsoft Store in the U.S. is showing the 2011 version available for download as well as available for shipment in a box if you pay for the shipping. However the download turned out to be the 2010 version, and the box they show is also of the 2010 version. I will now wait until I get an email from them that the 2011 version IS available for download. They refunded my purchase price and tax paid since I did not get what I was supposed to be purchasing.
Marvin's new product review, when it appears on this site, is probably the first and best indication that Streets and Trips 2011 is available.
Baja Boojum
Here's a starter list of obvious changes:

Street and Trips 2011 version is
The map data is updated, including Mexico coverage.
'Find coupons' is gone from the standard toolbar, and the View/Panes and Tools and Tools/Options menus.
'Send to GPS device' is gone from the Tools menu.
Sorry about the disappointment for you S & T guys but what about us on the other side of the Atlantic in the UK. Any news on Autoroute 2011? We have gone from being the originators to the poor relations!
Marvin Hlavac
GerardJanice, in the past few years, AutoRoute released a couple of months after Streets & Trips. There has never (seldom?) been any official announcement prior to the release, so we will likely have to just wait. Since not much has changed feature-wise in the North American software, I would expect the same for the European program. But I'm curious if perhaps the geographical coverage has been expanded, and/or more countries added to the address find feature.
So, on first look, it seems S&T 2011 is mostly 2010 with new maps and a few minor changes shipped 3-4 months later than the previous "normal" update cycle.

This sounds like a release that got into big trouble during the test cycle and realizing there was no way to fix things in any reasonable time frame, a recovery plan had to be put in place. So you either try to remove the bad feature or you go back to the previous release and make it "current". Removal of one feature is fraught with potential errors since its code often resides in modules shared with other product functions. If you did take it out, you'd have to restart the test cycle again to make sure you didn't screw anything else up. That's probably not going to be a quick fix.

So, you go back to the last version you know worked as a whole & include all the "easy" items to bring it up to date. That may have been what happened.

If this were true, maybe they should have cut the price. Well, there is a lot to consider there. When you think about the store markups, the manufacturing & shipment costs (box, dvd, etc), the royalties to the map folks, the amount of cut possible might not be that great. Also, if you cut the price, do you do anything for the people who recently bought an inferior product for a higher price? When the next new version comes out, do you raise the price again. Hummmm

Personally, although I was disappointed by the limited new functionality, new maps, some tweaks and fixes now are better for me than waiting many more months for a more attractive product. As other have said, $30 to $40 for map updates is not unreasonable esp. compared to others in the mapping and GPS world.

Should my supposition be correct, I do hope they are by now feverishly working of fixing the broken feature and will have this great stuff available in time for the "normal" next release later this year.
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