Streets and Trips 2010 on Windows 7
I tried to download the free trial yest to my netbook with Windows 7 Premium. It did not install. Download looked OK but would not install.

Is there a problem putting Microsoft Streets & Trips 2010 on Windows 7 Premium?

I did pick up a copy of Streets and Trips 2010 at Staples but even Staples could not tell me if it was compatible. I am reluctant to try the copy until I find out.
The download S&T 2010 works fine on Win 7 Home Premium. Extracting the files takes quite a while even on a pretty fast computer. Maybe your download failed without completing properly. I show the downloaded file as ST_2010.exe with a size of 1,393,020 KB.

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Thanks Terry, I'll use my purchased copy.

Baja Boojum
Streets and Trips 2010 works great on both my Windows 7 Home Premium computers- a desktop and a netbook. It loads quicker than S&T 2009 on Vista HP, and I don't get the occasional false activation notices, or the occasional program crashes, especially when the GPS was plugged in. By the way- my netbook (an HP 2133) is much faster with Windows 7 for all apps.
I installed the S & T 2010 on my HP netbook with windows 7. Works great so far.

Marvin Hlavac
Ed, are you saying the downloaded Streets & Trips 2010 didn't work for you on the HP netbook, but the purchased boxed product works fine ?
You said that you did download MS Streets and Trips. When I tried to download when I got to what version of Windows was I operating, Windows 7 was not an option to choose. Can you help?
Download is here and Windows 7 is listed.

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Marvin said:

Ed, are you saying the downloaded Streets & Trips 2010 didn't work for you on the HP netbook, but the purchased boxed product works fine?
Hi Marvin,
Sorry I'm late on this answer. Downloaded Streets and trips trial worked fine. But Microsoft would not let me buy the trial online. I had to toddle off to the store and buy a hard copy to get a key.
You should be able to purchase a downloadable full version and product key from Microsoft.
I bought a new Window 7 computer today. When I tried to load Streets & Trips 2010 after an hour the install screen still hadn't budged. The bar graph hadn't changed at all. No DVD or HD activity.

I finally clicked on the "Cancel" button and after five or so minutes the window popped up confirming I wanted to cancel. I said yes. The install window still did not close. After another long period, 10 or 15 minutes I finally closed it with the Task Window.

Too make matters worse, after turning off and turning the computer back on now Internet Explorer will not load. The IE icon can be double-clicked and it looks like it's doing something then nothing. It seems to only effect IE, not any of the other programs.

Anybody have any ideas?
Your computer is probably busy doing something else, maybe downloading updates. Right click on the task bar and choose 'Start Task Manager' The Processes tab may give you a clue what the computer is doing. Usually, I just wait after installing an operating system on a new computer until everything settles down.

That's what I thought, too, but I've turned it off. Let it set for a couple hours, turned it back on and it still isn't working. Anything to do with Internet Explorer will not work. Internet Explorer will not load. Somehow trying to install Streets & Trips 2010 crashed Internet Explorer. Now I can't even get on the internet to try to get help from the new PC. I'm using my old PC to post this message.

It still amazes me how Microsoft can screw up the simplest things. I could see how an unknown program could mess things up, but Microsoft's own popular mapping program screwing up their operating system, go figure.
But turning it off won't allow anything to complete. Why blame it on Microsoft?

System Restore will generally not help on a new computer, because you're already at the base image ("customized" with a bunch of junk that the computer manufacturer loaded onto it).

A certain percentage of installs of any application, Microsoft or non-Microsoft, will fail simply because there are so many possible combinations of software.

Some obvious first steps for diagnosis:
  1. Try installing from the download, rather than the DVD. It's always possible that you have a bad DVD, or a bad DVD drive.
  2. If Internet Explorer is crashing on load, then turn off all the add-ons. Troubleshooting and Internet Explorer?s (No Add-ons) Mode - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
  3. If there's a virus-scanner, turn it off temporarily for the install.

That having been said -- this seems like a clear case where you should call up support, rather than post on a user forum.
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