GPS that accepts .est?
Are there any gps devices that I can export a route to? I would like to hook my gps to my pc and dump the .est file to it and go. This would save me at least an hour every day

Right now, I am developing the route on Microsoft Streets and Trips, and then manually putting it into the NUVI.

I have an older garmin 760 and it will not without having to go around the world to touch my elbow. The gamin folks say I can do it but I have to convert all the waypoints to lat/lon and then jump down turn around and pick a bale of cotton.

S&T 2010 can do exactly what you want sending a route to your Nuvi 760. It has been discussed extensively on this site. I can't spot a convenient thread but do some more reading in the Streets and Trips section.

Hi Bmeggison,

Some older Garmin nüvi models do not support the transfering of routes. However, you can still transfer all the waypoints into the unit and save a bunch of time that way. If you have S&T 2010 you use the export to GPX feature and then drop this .gpx file into the ...\Garmin\GPX\ folder on your Nuvi.

See our blog post on this if you'd like more details: How to send route points to your Garmin Nuvi

If you are not currently using S&T 2010 there is no simple way other than to "...convert all the waypoints to lat/lon and then jump down turn around and pick a bale of cotton" as you have mentioned.:rofl"
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Thanks Gentlemen
Larry, Thanks for the proper link. I think the 760 discussed is a Nuvi 760. I don't think Garmin previously used that number. The terminology 'older' may be confusing as that is only last year's model. The only old model I know is the Garmin 76 series.

Marvin Hlavac
Who wants to read when you can just sit down, relax, and watch the instructions on video! Geeks on Tour posted an excellent instructional video on the subject: GPS Send locations from S&T to Garmin Nuvi Computer Tutorial Video by Geeks on Tour
Originally Posted by tcassidy
...I think the 760 discussed is a Nuvi 760.
Correct, by 'Garmin 760' I was refering to the 'Garmin nüvi 760' (which was available back in 2007).

As it turns out, the 760 DOES support routes via the GPX export/import option. It is my other unit that does not. (I've corrected my original post above.)
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Thanks for posting Geeks on Tour video marvin - WOW - they did a nice job!
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