Is Garmin USB GPS 20X waterproof?
Just got Garmin USB GPS 20x, and thinking of roof mouting it on the car.

Q: Is it waterproof?

I plan to paint it white to match the roof & for UV protection.

Anyone have any experience using this in the rain?

Many Thanks

I do not think the GPS20x was designed to be mounted on an exterior surface. It does not have a magnetic base and does not state whether it has a waterproof rating. If you need a garmin receiver for that type of usage, the Garmin GPS 18x will do the job. For regular GPS devices, there are several including the GlobalSat BU-353.

If you purchased it with Garmin Mobile PC, that software will only work with the included GPS. The 20x should work fine placed on the dash.

@ tcassidy,

thanks for your reply.

I found out elsewhere that it is NOT waterproof so I will still with a dash mount then.
Not sure about Garmin's USB 20x but I just saw this video about the TomTom device.
Will it blend? Apparently, yes!
Marvin Hlavac
Yeah, Larry, I would gladly do the same thing to a TomTom, but not to any fine PC GPS software or PC GPS hardware discussed on this forum!

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