Is Microsoft Streets and Trips Apple Mac compatible?
Does anyone know if Microsoft Streets and Trips works on Mac’s? I’m not concerned with the GPS function, just the mapping software. I’m sending the file to a group of people and two friends have Mac.
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Microsoft Streets & Trips is a Windows application so unless your Mac-friends have boot camp or parallels installed they will not be able to view the files. Even Windows users will need to have S&T software installed to view the file although a 60 day trial can be downloaded for free from here.
MSST does not work on Macs. I have found no equivalent suitable mapping software that does. For sharing, my solution is to send excel stitched maps or pdfs of a finished map/route.

For last two years, I've operated a Mac at home, so I switched the MSST software to work laptop. Recently installed Bootcamp at home, so I have both Windows XP and Mac OS running. It's the best of both worlds, as I can do all the mapping I want on the Windows side with Microsoft Streets & Trips or DeLorme Topo, created PDFs of the finished products and then share from the Mac side.
Marvin Hlavac
Here's another discussion about Mac & Streets and Trips:

Have you looked at getting a 'virtualization' solution instead of using Boot Camp? I mean using VMWare Fusion or Parallels to run Windows from within OS X - that way you don't have to do the full reboot to switch between OS X and Windows.

I've been using Parallels for this reason and have had no issues with running Windows and S&T this way. Should you decide to try the virtualization route, you should be able to have the software point to the Boot Camp partition without having to build a new virtual Windows machine from scratch.
Doesn't anyone wonder why there is no mapping software for MAC? I'm amazed and appalled.
JShe: There IS one - RouteBuddy - but it is still useless (I looked at their latest version).
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