Unhappy with new 2010 version of Microsoft GPS Locator
I purchased Streets and Trips with GPS Locator 2010. I have the older model, but thought it would be nice to have one in the RV and one in the car. As it turns out the new one is useless, as the cable is so short I am unable to position it on the dash. By plugging it directly into the netbook, it does not receive any satellites. Had I known this, I sure wouldn't have wasted the extra $$.

Marvin Hlavac
Hi Caroline,

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I agree that the included USB extension cable is a bit too short even for me. Luckily it doesn't use any proprietary plugs, and you can use a standard USB extension cable. A local store likely can sell a 6' long or longer for under $5.

When properly positioned on a dashboard (make sure the receiver faces the correct side up), you will find that the new GPS receiver performs actually quite well.
Thank you for your reply and suggestion. Too bad the old cable doesn't unplug from the old receiver......

Marvin Hlavac
Yes, that's the advantage of the new design. You can unplug it, and you can use another USB extension if needed.
Ken in Regina
I don't understand. I have the Pharos 500 that came with my Streets&Trips 2008. It comes in three parts.

The receiver in the clear plastic housing that lights up when plugged in.

A short black plastic doodad a bit over an inch long that the receiver housing plugs into on one end and a standard USB connector on the other (I assume so you can plug it directly into a USB port).

And finally, a lovely flexible USB extender cable.

This is the cable I use on the newer GPS locator stick (Navation 168) that comes with Streets&Trips 2010. Because it's thin and flexible it does not have a tendency to try to flip the Navation unit upside down. It doesn't hold kinks like heavier cables so it stretches out farther and stays straight.

Was there an older version of the Pharos locator that did not have a detachable cable?

My receiver is older than 2008. The cable does not detach.

Originally Posted by Caroart
...as the cable is so short I am unable to position it on the dash...
Maybe buy a USB extension cable..??
That's the plan, but too bad the one furnished isn't adequate.
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