Garmin Mobile PC: Couple of problems & suggestions
I've had my Garmin Mobile PC for a little while now, and have problems with a couple things. Just thought I'd see if anyone else experiences these issues:

1 - Can't delete a specific "shape" point. The only option is basically to remove all, then start over.

2 - In the Trip Editor (where it lists your stops), it doesn't list the "shape" points unless you try to rearrange your stops. Then, they're a nuisance because you can't select them.

3 - In the "shape" editor - if I add a stop, remove it, then try to add another, it crashes the program every time. If I have to remove the shape points, I have to: a) remove all, b) go back to the driving screen, then c) go back to the shape editor to add a new "shape" point.

Other than these issues, I absolutely *LOVE* Garmin Mobile PC. It's undoubtedly the best GPS program I've used yet. The way I have my system setup is to run it through Centrafuse with a free plugin. Another plugin I have with Centrafuse is the ability to save my current location to a .CSV file. Every night @ 1am, a program runs that will basically import my custom locations into Mobile PC. It works like a charm. Also with Centrafuse, I control my XM radio & mp3 collection, which all play through the truck stereo.

There are a couple of suggestions I wish they'd implement, though:

1 - Ability to select POI categories (including custom imported ones) that will be always visible on the driving screen

2 - Ability to choose between showing time to final destination versus time to next stop in the driving screen. I know that I can get the time to the different stops in the directions screen, but if there are a lot of turns, it's a pita to scroll through them all searching for the stop.
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