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Being new to Odyssey Navigator I am frustrated by the lack of a user guide. I have had to resort to a "suck and see" approach to discover the various functions. I.E. position for address 'near cursor" requires the position to be tagged on the map. Auto zoom must be disabled to allow for zooming. How to toggle between text and map, etc. etc. Speed camera? Photos, how to add GPS info?

I assume, from the spelling used, that the software originated in North America. Is there any software and user manual that Odyssey Navigator emulates.

Cheers Ian
Odyssey Navigator originates in Australia. I don't know how you obtained the software without visiting their site. However it is listed in the Welcome to ON thread. You will have to contact them for details of a manual.


Yes! My copy of ON was obtained from TWIG Solutions. A user guide is not provided with the software, or available for download, hence my question. Regarding the origin, it is quite unusual for Australians to use American spelling.

Hi Ian,

I will email you a User Guide shortly, I am not sure why you have not asked?

Ian as you are aware the software is produced to a price point. If all the bells and whistles where there, it would sell for what its only competitor used to sell for, $299+ Saving $150+ to have manual arrive later to explain the complex features is worth it I think. The everyday features do not need a manual.

I usually create the manuals after the software has been packaged and the installers compiled etc. Thus the manual may lag the software. In R5.0's case, I didn't product a manual at all as it was a little different from R4.3. I'll send you the manual shortly. FYI, R5.8 is available now, but the manual is still in production, I hope the sweet lovely girl creating it (My Wife) will have it completed soon.

In regards to spelling, I have not placed an emphasis on it as it will be going to both markets now. There is an inbuilt translator and I'll get around to fixing that. If you are so interested in this, you can provide me the list of words we need to re-spell and we will get that under way soon.

To add photos, simply choose your folder, (Find & Go >> Photo) put the photos in the chosen folder and away you go. How to add the EXIF info to the photo is not really the scope of our software, normally it is added by the GPS enabled camera at the time of shooting. However I think from memory GIMP, or Irfan view allow you to edit/add EXIF info, can some one else help here?
Just thought I would update thread to say there is a user guide in PDF format in the manual sub dir in the PC installation. Not sure if its there in other formats.
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