How to install Microsoft Streets & Trips on my netbook?
Practicallynetworked has a good description of that. I always thought it was easier but it could be I've just done it so many times.

Windows XP Simple File Sharing

You might want to wait until you get your netbook so you don't accidentally screw up your wife's computer though. That can cause a lot of friction; and I speak from experience!

Yes, I think I will stop here. I just now asked my wife to click on "my computer" while I was looking over her shoulder. We saw "Shared Documents" and "Yvonne's Documents". When I was setting up my Vista machine, I right clicked on only "My Documents" and clicked "share". None of those documents showed on her machine under either Shared Documents or Yvonne's Documents. Obviously I did something wrong, so when I get the netbook I guess I will try again. Until then I think I am becoming frustrated and will return to the novel I am reading.

Try having her click on Network Neighborhood (or maybe it is Network - right hand list on the Start menu) and see if your computer appears in the list.

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There is a difference between sharing folders and the share folder. As I have never been able to make share folders accessible on any computer, maybe Ken could explain it!!

I lied! My XP laptop can access a folder on the Vista tablet called Public. That is the Vista share folder but you need to go through Network and choose the computer to get there.

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Ken in Regina

You didn't do something wrong. You were just trying to do something else. And you didn't do enough to make the "something else" work. As Terry said, you were trying to make a non-shared folder into a shared folder. You might eventually want to learn how to do that but you don't have to. In all flavours of Windows there are folders that are already shared and just sitting there waiting for you to set up the network stuff on the computer. Once you do that, they'll work automatically.

If you went through the first link that Terry posted and have a network set up on your Vista machine, you can find the shared folder Terry first mentioned by doing this (I apologize if this is a little off because I don't have a Vista computer but I seem to recall that it is pretty much the same as Windows 7):

- Open "Computer" (or My Computer, whatever it's called on your Vista computer).

- click to open your hard drive (C: ).

- click to open the Users folder.

You will see a Public folder inside the Users folder. Any files and folders in the Public folder are automatically shared. Any time you want to make something on the Vista computer available to other computers on your personal network you can just drop it (copy it) into the Public folder, or any folder inside the Public folder, and it will be shared.

The other computers on your network also need to be taken through a similar procedure to set up a network on them. So there will be a similar procedure to do on your wife's XP computer as you did on your Vista computer. Not identical, of course, but very similar.

Once that has been done, you next need to find your Vista computer from the XP computer.

On the XP computer:

Don't try to use My Network Places or My Computer to do this. You'll just confuse yourself. Open the Windows Explorer by holding the Windows key and tapping the "E" key. The Windows key is the one between the Alt and Ctrl keys on the left side of the keyboard with the Windows logo on it. On some keyboards it's also labeled the Start key. "Windows + E" or "Start + E" will launch the Windows Explorer. It's sort of like using My Computer but for this sort of thing it's much easier to work. (Remember, we're on the XP computer.)

- In Windows Explorer you will see a list of stuff in the lefthand pane. Look down until you see My Network Places. (Do the next instructions all in the lefthand pane unless I specify otherwise.)

- Click the little plus sign in front of My Network Places and you'll see Entire Network.

- Click the plus sign in front of Entire Network to expand it.

- Click the plus sign in front of Microsoft Windows Network and you should see the name of your workgroup show up.

- Click the plus sign in front of the name of your work group and you should see the names of two computers. One will be your Vista computer and the other will be your wife's XP computer.

- Click the plus sign in front of the name of your Vista computer and you should see some folders listed. One of them will be named Users.

- Click the plus sign in front of the Users folder and you should see a Public folder.

- Click the plus sign in front of the Public folder and you should see a bunch of folders listed, like Documents, Music, Pictures, etc. There will probably be sample folders in some of them, like Sample Pictures inside the Pictures folder and Sample Music inside the Music folder. Each of these sample folders will have something in them for you to practice with.

You should be able to copy anything from any of these "public" folders on your Vista computer onto the XP computer. (You did remember that you were doing all this on your wife's XP computer so you could get stuff from your Vista computer to the XP computer, didn't you?)

That's enough for tonite. My carpel tunnel is pleading for mercy and I actually have to get up to be somewhere in the morning.

I don't think the default workgroup name is the same for XP and Vista/Win 7. I've already changed mine so I can't check but I think XP is WORKGROUP and Vista/ Win7 is something else.

To check, go to the Computer Name tab of System properties (right click Computer or My Computer and choose Properties. To change it (both/ all computers must have the same Workgroup name) click the Change button.

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Wow, thank God I downloaded Bulzip! I will "print" all of these replies to my documents folder and then wait until the netbook is in my hands so that I can practice "tossing" documents back and forth between my laptop and the netbook. Only after the procedure is internalized will I dare touching Yvonne's computer. I really appreciate all of the time each of you spent with me. I taught mathematics for 30 years and after retirement spent two years teaching math on-line, so I know the effort it takes to "teach" without face-to-face contact. I assume this sharing applies to installed programs as well as documents?
Not as such. Most programs require modifications to the registry and access to other files. They can not be run without being installed on the comuter you wish to use them on.

Thanks. If all goes well I plan to install my Streets and Trips on my netbook by loading the contents of my DVD onto my flash drive, and load the program from there to the netbook. If this does not work well I will purchase an external DVD drive (probably not a bad idea anyway since there will be other software I may want to load onto my netbook later). Then transfer route files saved on my laptop at home to my netbook before we leave home on our next trip. I will let all know how everything is working after I have some time to get things done.
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