Old-style pushpins and MS Streets and Trips 2010
Having a hard time finding the thread that showed how to put the old-style pushpins into S&T 2010 (as I expected, the new-style 'foam rubber hat' pushpins don't jibe well with my maps).

[Info was in the 2010 review thread]
Ken in Regina
Using the search bar in the Laptop GPS World banner at the top of any page to look for "old style pushpins" gets this thread:


Is that helpful?

KINDA what I was looking for but with a little continued independent fiddling around, I have managed to get the 8 symbols I needed from 2008 (7 of the thumbtacks and one pushpin) copied into individual .bmps and have figured out how to add them in as custom symbols... looks like the last of my transition questions are answered. Onwards!
Linechaser, given your past innovative uses of S&T, I'm hoping you'll post some of your new examples to the 'library' thread.
Ken in Regina
I think LineChaser's solution for this particular issue is covered nicely here:


It even includes a link to a file with all of the old style pushpins already converted and saved as custom pushpins.

True, but I only needed 8 of the symbols - not 300+
S&T team has shared out a zip file - Custom POI Icon Library with over 600 individual little bmps for your import custom symbol enjoyment! Use just 8 or all 600+.
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