GPS enabled broadband cards for Microsoft Streets and Trips
Do not know if anyone has tried this yet, have not seen any topics on this yet...

I have recently gotten a new computer, and a new usb broadband 'stick'.

I knew that the broadband 'stick' from my phone provider had GPS capablity, that's what the package said.

I have installed Microsoft Streets & Trips 2009 into the new laptop, and with the provided Pharos GPS 500 anteanna, everything was working fine.

Being a tinkerer, I figured there should be some way to use the broadband device's GPS for Streets & Trips. Just turn on the GPS on the device in the device window, and enable NEMA.
Then go to the S&T screen, click on the GPS button, and hit "Configure GPS" button.
Click on 'scan' to look for the comport, click on the port with the device, then start your GPS tracking.

I ran a trip 350 miles through west Texas with just the broadband card's GPS, and did not have any problems with routing. The altitude was about 90' differnt than the actual altitude, but close enough for me!

Using a wireless broadband card like this eliminates having another USB cord plugged into the computer, or if you lose the access to the standalone GPS antennea.
Ken in Regina
Great tip, Ken! Thanks. If they ever drop the prices of broadband cellular data up here in Canada so a guy can afford it, I'll be sure to watch for that type of broadband stick.

I've used my aircard's gps in the truck before when I was having problems with the normal gps receivers. It worked fine. As far as eliminating cables on my setup, it didn't. I actually only have one usb connection to my laptop, but I also have 2 usb hubs in the truck.
Ken1963 - which module does your stick use? I'm trying to get the GPS function of an Option GTM380 to work...

I have a Sierra Wireless USB 598 from Sprint.

A friend of mine has a older USB broadband card that's about 3 years old, we tried it on his and it worked also.
Same card here that Ken uses. It also worked on my older one, but I don't know which card it was.
I have the exact same GPS 'puck' and use it in my boat and it works will all popular GPS mapping programs .... I bought S&T 2006 in 2007 for $40 which is cheaper than you can buy the Pharos unit anywhere. Anyone wanting one of these units you can find them on Ebay, just search for last year's edition and get a good GPS puck for half the price of new. About any laptop 'new' enough to have a USB port is good enough
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