Navmii USA testing
I wonder if I can get some of you who live in the USA to help us out a little?

We need to perform some final testing on our USA maps. I would like to get a number of you who live in various states to perform some road tests.

Here are the download links to specific versions of Navmii:

Navmii USA California

Navmii USA Florida

Navmii USA Georgia

Navmii USA New York

You will need to download and install and then email us your Device ID to:

USA(at)navmii.com. We will then send you activation keys

Pennsylvania and Alabama will be available on Monday. Please leave a message if you wish to test in other states!

Please note - this version doesn't include USA voices. We are mostly interested in the routes navmii produces but feel free to comment on any other bugs or quirks you may find along the way.

Again thank you all for the help and feedback!
Marvin Hlavac
Do you plan on including Canada in your upcoming release? Would there be a possibility of making available testing versions for Canadian provinces, too?
I'd be a perfect candidate for testing seeing how I drive truck otr an average of 2,500 miles per week. However, it's not worth the hassle to only be able to use it in one state at a time, considering that some days, like today, I went through a total of 7 states.

What data are you using? Teleatlas, navteq, etc? What I'd LOVE to see in the US is a company to put out a software product that uses Navteq Transport data. It's available, but there's nothing in North America using it yet. Europe has a couple of products with it.
I looked at one of the states with my copy of Navmii and it appears each download is the full program plus the state data. To make it easier to look at more than one state, wouldn't it be easier to provide the program by itself then a download per state? It would reduce the load on your server plus the download speed to my area is only about 2/3rds what I normally see. It seems to be just a matter of transferring the state folder to the Navmii maps folder.

Or are you setting this up to concentrate on each state individually?

Ken in Regina
I downloaded the New York file because I have some familiarity with upstate New York and want to see if the new program has any improvements.

I already have Navmii 1.1.532 plus the UK maps activated on my netbook.

There are no installation instructions so I just dragged the new program executable into the C:\Program Files\Navmii folder. Then I dragged the New York map folder into the Maps folder. Then I dragged the other folders from the archive into the Navmii folder to replace the folders that were there.

That appears to have been a mistake.

When I run Navmii and go to the list of maps it now tells me that the United Kingdom map is an "Incompatible map version". When I click on the United Kingdom map entry in the list, the pop up window tells me:

United Kingdom
Incompatible map version
Folder location: maps/gbr
You should update your maps and software.

I have no idea what that actually means but it looks like something is now broken and I can't look at the UK maps which were previously activated.

I tried a search for a UK address and now it won't even find the city name. When I click on the POI icon it tells me there are "No items". So it looks like more than just the map display got broken.

It looks like the files included in the RAR archive are assuming a virgin installation rather than an "update" installation. Instructions for doing an update as in my case would be helpful. I can easily put things back the way they were because I always have backups, but it would have been nice to not have to do that. And I have no idea how to safely add the New York data to check it out without clobbering the previously activated data.

Ken in Regina
Okay, I've restored my original UK and Ireland installation and discovered the source of the "Incompatible map version" error message. Somewhere along the line I had downloaded the updated version of Navmii (program and maps) but neglected to install it.

When I installed the New York files I installed the new version of the program file but left the older version of the maps. The new version of the program didn't like that.

I now have the latest version of the program and UK and Ireland maps restored and working fine.

Now I need to know how to add the New York maps and POIs and everything without hammering the existing installation again.

Can't you just add the New York folder to the maps folder of your working installation?

I got lost in the discussion of the previous update. I assume that was from 1.1.532 to 1.2.635 but didn't remember how that went. Did we actually have to update the program and maps with that one?

Ken in Regina
For the 1.1.532 to 1.2.635, I just replaced the entire Navmii folder structure. I didn't have anything in my user settings or Favorites, etc. that I cared about. There was no installer or anything. Yes, the maps and everything were replaced. If you checked the contents of at least some of the folders (POI, Maps, etc.) you would see that they were also changed between the two program versions. With the maps that came with the 1.2.635 program installed along with that version of the program, the error message about "Incompatible map version" went away.

In looking through the Navmii folders, I fear that there will not be any simple way to add the American maps. It's easy to add another folder of maps to the ..\Navmii\Maps folder. But there is only one POI folder, for instance, so I'm guessing that if you copy the contents of the POI folder from one of the American states into the existing POI folder with the UK and Ireland POIs in it you'll be clobbering all the UK and Ireland POIs and replacing them with the American ones.

That's just a guess. Without some instructions on how to add the American maps, I really don't know. Without instructions I expect that anything I'm likely to do by trial and error will be mostly error and at least moderately destructive.

I hope the folks at Navmii will drop back here and provide some guidance.

I also hope they aren't too far away from having some maps with western Canada in them so I can actually evaluate the realtime navigation with some different GPS receivers. Static testing is interesting but not nearly as interesting as being able to really use the full features of the product.

The POI folder only contains png files representing the various things that might be displayed. I'll assume the map files would contain the POI data.

The reason you lost your POIs is you used a GPS. The setting is so far from UK that no POIs are listed. In User Data\Settings.txt change line 8 to something like 5151945.bunch of zeroes and line 9 to something like 010437.bunch of zeroes and your POIs will magically work again.

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Just out of curiosity, I copied the new 'Navigation System.exe' to my working Navmii on the UMPC after renaming the old one. The program works fine and lists 1.2.667 in the About screen but the new menu items are still missing. More testing required!

Copying the new 'Navmii for In-Car System' folder to the 'skins' folder after renaming the old folder adds the new menu items. Navmii appears to start and work as before for all the testing I can do. I did note that Canada is not included in the Locale folder strings.xml so more testing may be well into the future.

I downloaded the Florida map and received an activation code (30 days). Unfortunately, it only appears to include the area around Daytona Beach; hardly enough room to perform a decent routing test. I hope some of the other maps are more complete.

Also, I have an older version of Navmii (1.2.635) with UK maps. I copied the Florida map to that map folder but Navmii crashes on start up. So I copied the UK maps to the version that came with the Florida maps (1.2.667). That version crashes if I try to select a UK city. I need a UK map revision that works with Navmii 1.2.667

I would volunteer to look at Alabama and possibly Georgia for you. Where do I download it? Also, what GPS units will it work with? I have an Acer Aspire One with a DeLorme LT-40 and Serial Emulator.
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