Keep Your Trip Archives Fresh
Microsoft Streets and Trips and AutoRoute applications have pretty good backward compatibility, but not unlimited. This means that later versions of the apps will open older itinerary files (*.est and *.axe, respectively), possibly involving a one-time automatic conversion of the file to the latest specifications. While Microsoft provides for this going back several generations, not all old files will be opened.

Therefore, if you like to keep your old itinerary files for future review, it is a good idea when you purchase newer versions of these applications to open those old files in the new app and re-save the file, perhaps with a new name making it clear that it is in the latest app version (such as [name]-2010.est). In this way, you will not have your archive files become inaccessible because they were generated in superseded app versions.

The other alternative is to keep the old versions of the app installed on your computer along with the newer ones. Having multiple active versions on your computer can be confusing, however, and runs the risk of being forgotten if one up-grades his or her computer.
Marvin Hlavac
... and while conversions from older versions to new versions most of the time go smoothly, it is still wise to make a copy of your file before converting it. Just in case!

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